tour departing 5.10.13 anyone?

13 Aug 2012 krystal. asked


Hey guys, I have signed up for the Brazil - Argentina tour departing 05 October 2013.
Was wondering if anyone else has also signed up for this one, would love to chat to others on this tour as I am travelling alone.
Never travelled before so anyone with some tips or up for a friendly chat please comment :)

Thanks xo

  • 26 Apr 2013 Rebecca said


    Hi, I’m thinking of doing this tour, but haven’t signed up for it yet, it looks amazing though!

  • 11 Sep 2013 Chloe said


    Hey, just put a late request in for this one. Ill find out if i got in in the next couple of days.
    dont stress about travelling alone i have been travelling solo since i was 13. it seems really scary at first but once you get over the jitters its great. ive been living in Chile for the last 5 months and this is my last stop before heading back home. really looking forward to it.

    hope this helped :) x



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