European vista winter tour 20th oct 2012

15 Aug 2012 Kelsey asked


Hey all,
Is there anyone who is going on the Oct 20th 2012 winter european vista tour going to be around London before it kicks off? I'm going to be in the UK for most of the month and was just wondering if anyone else would be around/doing things in england before the tour sets off :)

  • 18 Aug 2012 Tara said


    I will be going on that tour too… Get into London a couple days before it starts. Think most people are getting there around that time too from what Ive seen. Add the tour to your profile on here and then you can join the ‘Contiki Meet Up’ for our tour and talk to everyone else who is going on it… We have also created a group on Facebook if you have that too (link for it is on the wall on the meet up page). Hope that helps =)



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