Berlin to Budapest Dec. 27-Jan. 7 who's going?

20 Aug 2012 NRare asked


Just getting ready to book the Dec. 27 - Jan. 7 Berlin to Budapest tour and was curious if anyone else has already booked. This will be my second contiki and I think being in Prague on NYE's will be crazy! Let me know if you are going. - Nick

  • 6 Sep 2012 Meredith125 said


    I’m doing Berlin-Prague-Vienna that leaves Dec 27th! Prague for NYE sounds amazing! I’m not sure if the two tours have the same itinerary for the first half but will definitely be in Prague for 12/31 :)

  • 6 Sep 2012 NRare said


    I would imagine the tours will all have the same itinerary… the last trip I was on started off with 5 or 6 different groups.

  • 6 Sep 2012 Meredith125 said


    ahh gotcha, ok thanks! Do you know what will be going on for New Years? I’m not too familiar with how the schedule works..assuming we would have time to go out etc? Also, do you know if many people go alone? None of my friends can get off work, so I may be traveling solo!

  • 6 Sep 2012 NRare said


    I’m not entirely sure what will be going on… I have been looking at different Prague sites and I think I’m going to do a bar crawl. I will be traveling solo too, but it is fun. The last contiki I did I was solo and had a blast.

  • 9 Sep 2012 NomadKt315 said


    My boyfriend and I are going on this tour. It’s ,y second tour also. I’m so excited for NYE! Where r u guys from?

  • 9 Sep 2012 NRare said


    I’m from Indiana, you?

  • 11 Sep 2012 Meredith125 said


    New York City :)

  • 25 Oct 2012 Ralf said


    Also Going on Trip.
    From South Africa!

  • 30 Oct 2012 Nanti said


    My GF n i are hittin this trip over NYE. from johannesburg, gonna rack it

  • 17 Sep 2013 AnneZ123 said


    Hey! How was the trip? I’m going this nye- any tips or advice on the trip? I’ll be doing the full tour (Berlin – Budapest with nye in Prague).



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