Best of USA - domestic flight baggage

14 May 2010 Explorer1182347 said

Hi.<BR><BR>I'm booked on this tour for Oct 29th this year. Obviously Contiki use planes to travel between cities on this tour, and they're included in the price.<BR><BR>Who do we fly with and if they have a check on baggage charge, do we pay for that or is that covered in the Contiki price??<BR><BR>My bf and I did pretty much the same cities on our own last year, and when we flew Vegas - LA with American Airlines, a nice man at check in waived our baggage fees because we could show him our itineary for an international flight back home for Aus. So, if Contiki DON'T pay for our baggage on flights, does anyone know where I can find documentation online from the airlines used as to whether baggage fees are waived for international travellers? I don't think me saying to the check in staff "but I was allowed to do it last year" will work <img src="" alt="Razzer" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::p-->



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