Doing a tour in reverse?

18 Sep 2010 Romer asked

Thinking about doing the Grand Northern USA tour next year but in reverse where it starts in LA and ends in NY.<BR><BR>Wanted to book 6 months in advance for the discounts but concerned that since the Contiki 2011 brochure lists only the standard tour from NY that doing the reverse of this or any Contiki tour would have a much higher risk of cancellation and no mention of preferred departure dates yet. The brochure only refers you to the website for details and the reverse tours only depart once a month. I am planning to go around July 2011 which I assume is the busiest time for Contiki tours in USA.<BR><BR>Has anyone done a reverse tour or booked one and had it cancelled? Do reverse tours offer preferred departure dates? <BR><BR>Cheers.



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