Thai island hopper west march 2013

28 Aug 2012 Dips asked


Hi all

Considering going in March 2013. Will be coming alone from South Africa. Who is keen out there joining. But nervous traveling alone

  • 10 Sep 2012 Scruss said


    Hi mate,

    I am going on 16 March and travelling alone. It will be my first contiki.

  • 20 Sep 2012 Cam. W said

    Cam. W

    Hey I might be going on the 2nd, this will be my second contiki.
    Nothing to be nervous about. They’re mad fun!

  • 30 Sep 2012 Cam. W said

    Cam. W

    I’m booked in on the 6th. Will be a mint trip!

  • 22 Oct 2012 Never42 said



    I’m also from SA and travelling alone. Haven’t decided between the East and West tours. but will be going towards the second last week in March 2013.

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