Ekit Mobile

25 Dec 2008 SthOzLad said

Im heading to the USA in under a month. Im still undecided on which way to go with my mobile phone. Im not sure if I should get International Roaming turned on for my phone or if I should get an International SIM Card, such as the Contiki Ekit Sim, and use that. I've tried a search on the forums for ekit sim cards for the US and I could only find one and they said it wasnt the best coverage wise and for price it was still fairly dear. <BR><BR>Just wondering if anyone else has used the Ekit SIM, or a similar one, in the US and how they found it? Would you recommend it or just getting International Roaming?<BR><BR>I'll be away for just over a month so for me using a mobile phone will be easier to keep in touch with friends and family than sending emails etc. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Aaron



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