Ekit Mobile

25 Dec 2008 SthOzLad said

Im heading to the USA in under a month. Im still undecided on which way to go with my mobile phone. Im not sure if I should get International Roaming turned on for my phone or if I should get an International SIM Card, such as the Contiki Ekit Sim, and use that. I've tried a search on the forums for ekit sim cards for the US and I could only find one and they said it wasnt the best coverage wise and for price it was still fairly dear.

Just wondering if anyone else has used the Ekit SIM, or a similar one, in the US and how they found it? Would you recommend it or just getting International Roaming?

I'll be away for just over a month so for me using a mobile phone will be easier to keep in touch with friends and family than sending emails etc.




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