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21 Nov 2006 sweetsacha said

Hey all, <BR><BR>I'm doing the Euro Discovery Tour (12 days) in Jan, and then travelling solo for about 5 weeks afterwards through Western Europe. This is absolute shoestring, so my budget is pretty tight, and I was looking to busget around 50euro a day while on contiki. <BR><BR>Now reading everyone else's posts I'm starting to think thats way too little... but I can't just blow all my money on contiki or i'll end up on the streets later on. <BR><BR>Is it possible to enjoy myself, have a few drinks and hang out with everyone on this type of budget? (This doesn't include Trip Optionals by the way) <BR><BR>Thanks in advance x
  • 21 Nov 2006 stagegal1 said


    I don’t know where you are, but in the US there are guide books called “London for $90 a day” “Paris…” etc. I believe they include thing that contiki provides, like accomodations. I would pick up a couple of those books. It will give you an idea of how to have fun cheaply.

    Best of luck,

  • 22 Nov 2006 Nastynig said


    Hey, yeh i agree with stagegirl, i picked up a lonely planet book a few years ago called europe on a shoestring.
    I’m looking at having about $100 aus each day of the tour so pretty similar to what your looking at and i’m thinking it will be enough to cover what i want to do.

  • 23 Nov 2006 sweetsacha said


    Yeah I’ve got Lets Go and Lonely Planet so I’m set for my non-contiki travel budgets, its just while on contiki I’m not sure about. Things like eating, drinks, entry etc.

    I’m getting the idea a lot of people go nuts while they are on tour, but because I’m travelling after I won’t be able to. Just wanted to see how out of it I will be!

  • 23 Nov 2006 CanadaJess said


    Hey I had exactly the same problem today! I was booking my trip and asked the travel agent how much a day did they think would be appropriate (not including optionals) and hen I explained to her that I thought the 100 euro explained on Contiki was a little high and that I felt I could do it for 50 euro. Then she was like ya you could but you really want to? (kind of condesendingly) And I was like ya I do! And she was like well you might never get to go back… and realisically, in the profession I am in, I will get to go back lots. I was trying o explain to her that I had the opportunity to travel with some friends after the trip if I managed to save money. She never really go it. Point is, I am not planning on drinking lots, just the occasional drink, I don’t wanna buy crappy souvenirs, mabye a couple postcards and mabye one nicer thing like a necklace or perfume or something and I do not ea very much! Usually once a day. I think it should be totally doable and I am going to do it just to spite the travel agent haha



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