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Packing for winter in Europe

9 Sep 2012 sandra_trentin asked


I'm Brazilian (not very used to cold) and I'm going on Berlin to Budapest tour in February, 8th, 2013, what should I pack? I'm really lost, because I want to pack light but I will need warm clothes!

Any tip?

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  • 17 Sep 2012 hartsj9 said


    I did the Euro Inspiration last Christmas and it was awesome! Cold yes (and I’m Canadian) but not unbearable. We actually had about 6 Brazilians on our tour. Packing wise layers is best. Most days I had a tank top, sweater and then my jacket. I would add a scarf, mitts and hat for added warmth and for the most part I was fairly comfortable. The coldest day for us was the day in Berlin (Dec 18th) and the only part of me that was really cold was my feet. For the most part though I wore 1 pair of socks with either runners or boats, jeans, a couple tops and a jacket and it was good.

  • 18 Sep 2012 sandra_trentin said


    Thank you so much for answering! I thought nobody would! I’m glad to heard that was 6 brazilians on your tour, that is much more that I expected! On the tour I did was just two, including me. Can I ask some more questions?

    1- What kind of jacket do you wore? Nylon or wool? Knee length or hips length?
    2- What kind of boots do you wore? I have a leather one with rubber soles, is that ok?
    3- How is the clothes/shoes/bags shopping in Berlin and Prague? It’s affordable?
    4- How much is a reasonable meal/snack on Berlin or Prague?
    5- Have you arrived in Europe by Berlin Tegel airport? If so, it was ok? easy? complicated? How did you get from airport to hotel?
    6- How was the hotels during the trip?

    I’m sorry for asking so many questions! I hope I’m not annoying you to much!

    Thank you in advance!

  • 18 Sep 2012 Greg said



    Hey, Im leaving Dec 19 ’12 on the European Inspiration…you have anything you could recommend? Ive done a European Vista a few years back in the winter time but anything that stood out to look for from this tour? (example hotels, hidden treasures, optional excursion do/donts) and how booked was your tour? Thanks for your input

  • 18 Sep 2012 hartsj9 said


    Sandra: ask away and I’ll try and answer

    1. Jacket: I brought a wool winter jacket from home. about mid thigh length and this was perfect. I did pick up another lighter jacket for 10 euro in amsterdam which I wore a lot once we hit Italy. I ditched that in Rome when I bought another hip length wool jacket (perfect for Canadian fall season). Most girls has some form of wool jacket but some also had ski type jackets.

    2. I brought 1 pair of semi dressy flat suede boots, 1 pair of leather boots with rubber sole, and one pair of puma runners. There were a few times when I knew I would be outside on a walking tour (Berlin) and wore thin socks with a pair of thermal socks on top. For the most part this worked great

    3. Shopping wise, I didn’t do that much in Berlin or Prague but what little we did was CHEAP, especially in Prague

    4. Eating in both Prague and Berlin was cheap for us. As we were in Berlin before Christmas we ate in the Christmas markets..very cheap and so good. My sister in law just got back from Berlin on Saturday and from what she was saying she spent similar to what we did. Prague was CRAZY cheap, 4 of us went for lunch after our tour of the castle district and went to a little restaurant off old town square and with 4 drinks and 4 HUGE entrees our meal came to 42 canadian (I think about 84 brazilian real). You can eat cheaper though if you get away from the square and don’t go to a restaurant

    5. Can’t help with this one, our tour started in London and ended in Paris so I can only comment on those airports.

    6. Hotels in germany and the czech republic were good. Nothing spectacular but pretty good . No real complaints. None of them are near main attractions but they are all close to a metro for easy access into the main part. Contiki usually has a range of hotels though so you could be staying somewhere different.

  • 18 Sep 2012 hartsj9 said



    We had a full tour. 2 Americans, 4 canadians, 2 kiwis, 15 Australians, 6 brazilians, 13 south africans and 10 asians…or something close to that. Our TM said it was one of the most diverse groups he’d had.

    Optionals: we planned on doing all of them but I think we opted out of the fondue lunch in lucerne (ended up having it the night before for dinner), and the cruise in Prague. We didn’t end up doing Space in Florence because we were having a bad day and didnt feel up to it. Other wise they were pretty much all fantastic. Moulin Rouge is well WORTH the money, almost everyone did it. The dinner in Amsterdam (Volendam or whatever) was good but chinese and not very cultural (said EVERYONE on our tour). The 9 euro walking tour in Berlin was fantastic! you see all the sights and the guide (Matt Damon look alike) knows his stuff! Dress warm though, this was by far the coldest day (and I had the contiki cough on top). If you want to know about any one of them in particular just let me know and I’ll see what I remember.

    Hotels: Hotels for the most part were good, we had read some complaints about them so we were a little worried but they were much better than expected. We had the Auto Park in Florence and it was HORRIBLE. We literally froze trying to sleep. I ended up wearing sweats, tshirt, sweater, 2 pairs of socks, 3 blankets and we were still freezing ( I would like to point out I am Canadian and accustomed to -40 weather). The hotel in Lucerne was prob our fave..not sure if its becuase it was the hotel after the one in Florence or just that good. Its about halfway up the mountain and if your lucky (we were) you get a one bedroom suite with a sitting room and private balcony. I had a friend who did this tour 2 months before myself and some of her hotels were different though so you never know.

    Let me know if you want any other info.

  • 19 Sep 2012 Greg said



    Thanks for your input, Like i said I did a winter European Vista tour so ive done most of the optionals except Berlin and Prague.. I think I stayed at that Auto Park hotel as well in Florence and if it is the same one then it was ridiculously bad lol so hopefully my group doesnt get stuck there again for 2 days.. I agree that Moulin Rouge is amazing for the money and its a great group night out.. I hope my group is full, the more the better if you ask me.. connecting with all those new people is one of the best parts… you think you will do another contiki?

  • 19 Sep 2012 hartsj9 said


    I think most of the groups over Christmas usually fill up. Yeah we definitely met some awesome people that were still in touch with. Contemplating another contiki right now actually. Looking at the Egypt and Nile one for March but Topdeck has a few more, longer options so well see.

    Have fun on your tour!

  • 20 Sep 2012 Greg said


    Thanks again and Good luck with your next tour… I still have 3 months till I depart and im already looking at summer tours lol its to much fun to not do it while you still can lol

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