What are your UK/Europe 'must-sees'?

11 Sep 2012 Jess asked


I need some advice from all of you experienced adventurers! I want to visit Europe next year, but have no idea where I should/want to go! I'm flexible with the time of year and I'd most likely be going alone, for a maximum of 6 weeks due to work. Having never been to Europe and travelling alone, would you suggest a tour of some length, followed by down-time to explore further before returning home?

In short, what are the must-sees and favourite spots of yours? I need to somehow narrow down this massive continent into a few places I'd like to explore. Thanks!

  • 11 Sep 2012 RJ1817 said


    well, if you want a tour that gives you the the option to see a little of a lot, I would go with European Panorama



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