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Beaches & Reefs with Sailing start Sydney 14/4/13

17 Sep 2012 Emily said


I've booked my flights today, wahoo :) I got a great deal with singapore airlines so I'm super excited. Who else is doing this tour?! I'm so keen to start talking to people i'll be travelling with already, let me know guys :)

Emily x

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  • 2 Oct 2012 Emily said


    anyone joining me on this tour??

  • 19 Nov 2012 Explorer1234899 said


    hey i saw you’re post in the decussion forum, i’m not actually doing this tour when you are but i am doing it in december and im australia so id thought id see if you want to chat about the trip or know anything about australia? lol

  • 28 Nov 2012 Emily said


    hello! ahh gutted, i got so excited when i saw someone had replied on here haha. i wish i was doing this tour sooner… but i’m sure april will be here before i know it! i’ve been to oz like 3 times before but only to visit family in perth, this will be the first time I’m properly travelling and venturing outside of perth so I’m pretty excited! have you done a contiki before?

  • 9 Jan 2013 ClaireJones said


    Hello! sorry im not doing this tour! But did do the same one April 12 & also carried on to the outback with contiki straight after cairns! you will have an amazing time!! wish i was going again!! & the sailing is unbeatable good to see you have booked it :D

  • 10 Jan 2013 Emily said


    Hey Claire, thank you for your comment :) it’s good to hear from someone who has already done the tour, do you have any tips? how much spending money? what to/not to pack? what tour did you do after Cairns? I haven’t got anything planned for when the tour finishes yet… Do tour mates tend to go off travelling together? I am super excited!! :)

  • 10 Jan 2013 ClaireJones said


    Thats okay :) I had never heard of contiki until i got out to Oz so didnt plan financially, but i think i spent about £600+ on tour. Take more than what you will think you will spend just incase, as the extra activities you have the opportuniy to do on tour are un-missable! I recommend the white-water rafting! It was such an experiance! Sky-diving, sea kiaking, dracula night. So many activities! Dont forget your camera!! Everyone shared there photos on Facebook after anyway.
    What I missed out on packing was my hair dryer and straightners..oops.. but luckily my friends i made on tour had :). Take plenty of shorts,vest tops, dresses, going out on the town clothes, some girls wore heels, some didnt, I did take a pair of wedges with me. There are washing facilities at some of the hotels, definatly surfers paradise so pack a bit of washing powder, i wrapped some in sandwich bags. Take a hat with you on the sailing trip as the sun can get to you on the 2nd day, especially on the beach as non of us took hats and we had really bad headaches, plenty of water to..and alcohol of course(if you drink) for the bbq and boat parties. A cardy and hoody for a chilly night & on the boat it gets a bit chilly on deck at night so a hoody/cardy helps. Paracetamol and anti-istamins are handy to.
    Dont worry abour not having anything planned for after Cairns its the best way as then you can see who you get chatting to and what they are doing after and you can go anywhere then. some people were flying home after tour, some stayed in cairns and travelled around, there was 20 of us going into the outback with contiki, i think its called Oz explorer the whole east coast+outback. 24 days. I hadnt booked the outback before i went on the east coast tour, i found that most of my friends where carrying on into the outback so i wanted to go, so just chatted to my tour manager and he did all the emailing to head office to get me on the next tour. It ended in Darwin so stayed a few days with my friends there then flew back to sydney for my last few weeks in Oz.
    You meet some lovely people from all over the world and a range of ages.
    Are you arriving in Australia before tour?
    If you have any more questions, i’m happy to help :)
    + dont worry if you dont find any tour mates beforehand, i didnt find any on here, but look on contiki page on Facebook, i found a fellow traveller on there :)
    Hope this helps :)

  • 10 Jan 2013 Emily said


    Ahh brilliant thanks for all the info! all the activities sound exciting, but im such a baby haha – definitely wont be up for sky diving!!!
    ok, i was thinking of taking one pair of heels, im worried i’ll pack all the wrong clothes – i always pack too much then end up wearing the same few things over and over! i hadn’t thought of a hat… so i’ll need to remember that! did you buy alcohol etc whilst on the tour? or stocked up before? does everyone go out like every night? dont think i’ll be able to handle that at all haha…
    i have been looking at other tours but think i will wait and see what everyone is doing, then maybe book one like you did, sounds like that worked well :)
    im flying to perth from heathrow on 1st april, staying with family then fly over to sydney like a day before the tour which starts on 14th. (i havent booked internal flights yet though) tour finishes on 28th april, and i have until 2nd june for my flight back home to do whatever!
    how often do you get to use the internet and connect to wifi whilst on tour?
    i really hope i do manage to speak to at least a few people doing the tour soon…

  • 11 Jan 2013 ClaireJones said


    Thats okay :) awww, don’t worry, you get a nice lie in for a change when some of them do the sky diving!
    Yeah one pair of heels will be fine. I had the same worry, everyone pretty much wears shorts and a top, so plenty of vest tops and shorts. Yeah you have plenty of alcohol stops on the tour, I just brought all mine whilst on tour. Most nights people are out, but there are a couple of quiet nights, plus the coach will become home, so plenty of sleep can be caught up on, on there.
    Yeah just see what people are doing and decide then :) i was glad i hadnt pre-booked anything
    Sounds lovely. Dont worry about internal flights just bok them once you get over there, i did alot of mine on webjet(australia) when i was over there, pretty decent on price.
    Plenty of time to tour around after contiki, thats good, try and see sydney harbour+opera house as you dont get much chancee on tour, we never anyway. Theres just so much you can see after contiki.
    Quite a lot, there are loads of internet cafes, and pretty mucch all the hotels had computers or wifi to use. So easy to access and keep in touch with everyone to.
    Lybra mobile sim is good out there i had one for travelling, or vodafone australia.
    Yeah, you will find people :)
    Have you booked pre tour accomodation with contiki?

  • 16 Jan 2013 Emily said


    ahh a lie in will be good :) I was thinking of getting one of them head pillow things, for sleep on the coach!
    I think the tour has been changed slightly to include more time in Sydney now?
    did you need some sort of walking boot or something? for the blue mountains day trip?
    what did you do with money, like did you carry loads of cash or withdraw money from ATM’s whenever you needed more? I don’t know what to do :/ obviously don’t want loads of bank charges!
    I’m sure I have loads more questions but can’t think of them right now…
    I haven’t booked the per tour accommodation yet no, was thinking of doing it nearer the time. What did you do? :)

  • 21 Jan 2013 Mark C said

    Mark C

    All booked in and not long to go. Counting down the days to see how bad the legendary goon actually is!

  • 24 Jan 2013 ClaireJones said


    The head pillows for the coach are lifesavers make it so much more comfy for sleeping :)
    .Really, thats fab, glad it does sydney now. Blue moutains are breathtaking! so pretty on a lovely sunny day, there are lots of paths and walk ways which you can do in trainers or pumps, what ever you find comfy to walk in.
    I took out like $100-$200 at a time as didnt want to carry lots of cash, there are lots of cash machines, but you can also pay with pin like over here, but over there they usually ask if its saving or credit, my card always worked if i pressed credit even though it was my own money, it was becasue it was a uk bank card, different to there way of banking. Yeah bank charges are a pain, think mine where £1.50 a time with HSBC.
    Thats okay, I booked mine about 2 weeks before the tour. It was good as you can meet people on the first night, and get out and about in the city. not everyone stays in the contiki hotel some stay in near hostels, but i just found it easier as i was ready for the coach the next morning then :)
    Not long to go now :)

  • 22 Feb 2013 Hannah said


    Thanks for all the above info everyone! I will be joining Emily on tour, I might be the only aussie on tour in their own country! Cannot wait to experience this together and meet a whole lot of new friends along the way!

    Mark C – goon is as bad as people say but with orange juice on a hot afternoon it goes down well! Best thing is you can blow the bag up after and use it for a pillow haha

  • 24 Jun 2013 Shahna said



    I’m thinking I could be the only aussie doing my tour in November.
    Win win though, I tour my country and make friends with accents :-P

    Just curious to know what everyone spent during the tour.
    I know you take more than you think, but I seriously have no idea :-/
    thanks :-)

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