The London Pass

8 Apr 2007 tpredmore said

Is The London Pass ( buying? If so, should I buy it before I leave or once I get to London?
  • 8 Apr 2007 Caity87 said


    Hi Tom
    Yeah, I’ve been looking into the London Pass also. I’d also be interested to see what others think about it.
    I guess it depends on how long you will have in London in order to make it worth-while. From what I’m thinking at the moment, it probably won’t be much cheaper for me to get it as we don’t have all that long in London.

  • 2 Jul 2009 BlueShamrock said


    Has anyone ever purchased the London Pass w/ Travel card included? I’m considering doing that as I have 3 full days in London before my trip starts and will be using the tube/buses to get around.

    Does it work well or is it a hassle? (i.e. validating/using, etc.)

  • 2 Jul 2009 PaulD said


    I purchased a two day London pass a couple of years ago with the travel card. The only issue I found is I think they give you an off-peak card so you have to use it after 9:30am on weekdays. Apart from that it worked great.

    As for the London pass itself I had mixed feelings on whether it was worth it. I probably got my money’s worth however I found some of the places pretty boring (e.g. Kensington Palace) but that’s just my opinion :-). As nikki_adelaide says you don’t have to line up for tickets so you can skip lines which is a benefit.

    I purchased mine online and had it delivered back home to Australia so I had it ready to go before leaving home.

  • 3 Jul 2009 Explorer1138013 said


    I purchased the London Pass when I spend a weekend in London on a stop over a few years ago. I purchased it from the Tube Station (Victoria I think…) and used it for 3 days. I had no problems with it, and got discounted admission for quite a few places that I wanted to see.

    I bought it mainly for the travel pass, but got my money’s worth with that and the discounts I got with it. I had no troubles using it at all.

    Ultimately, look at what discounts you’ll get with it, and add up whether or not you’ll actually save any money or not with it. That’s the best thing to do!

  • 31 Aug 2009 Meg said


    I know this is a while after you asked it… but do not think twice about buying the travel pass. Buy it! Much much easier getting around London with one. When I’m there I put in my pocket and then I don’t need to open my bag every time and get my wallet out. Makes getting in and out of the stations quicker if you have one of their cards. Then if you’ve bought a traditional Oyster Card, you can donate the left over at the end of your stay…

  • 8 Sep 2009 lil_jolly13 said


    try the visit britain website they have a special package for two people travelling together which includes a flight on the london eye, cruise, hopon hopoff tour, map 3 days london pass and £20 oyster card (travel card). Evrything is for two people approx $475 AUD all up. Best thing is you can pay in you currency so you don’t get lumped with exchange fees by paying in differnet currency.




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