alone in Europe - which tour??

6 Aug 2006 chloekitten asked

I'm going to go on a Contiki tour at the end of Dec 2006 - Jan 2007, but I'm having problems deciding!

I'm going to be by myself, so ideally I would like to go on a tour where there a few single people or groups of travellers, I'm not too keen on spending my holiday with just couples! - I have friends who went on Encounter last year, and they said there were quite a few couples.... :P

I'm looking at either European Discovery or European Encounter. I was leaning towards Discovery, because it is cheaper, but I think it might be too short.
I'm quite keen on Encounter, it's a good length, but I'm concerned that due to it being more pricey (and Timeout instead of Concept), it's more likely to be a tour that more couples take, with maybe less young people (I'm 24 btw).

Any thoughts??



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