Suitcase vs Backpack?

24 Sep 2006 Daryl.F asked

Hello all,<BR><BR>I've booked to do the 25 day Aussie Explorer. I know on my last trip (European Discovery) it was a debate of which to pack your stuff in, a suitcase or a backpack. I chose suitcase.<BR><BR>This time for Australia, I was still considering suitcase, but the trip sounds a little more rugged.<BR><BR>For those who have done any aussie tour before, what was the general consensus of other travellers. What would you recommend?<BR><BR>Daryl.
  • 27 Sep 2006 dimpz said


    im having the same problem!i have no idea what to take.when r u going?

  • 2 Oct 2006 Guido_Bris said


    i advise you to take what you feel would be the most comfortable/easy to move around. You will be spending a lot of time carrying your luggage, if you’re taking a suitcase make sure it has wheels. I would probably go with the backpack, it leaves your hands free to take pictures, carry other things etc.

  • 2 Oct 2006 silver007star said


    I was wondering myself, I was leaning toward rolling suitcase since I thought you kinda left your stuff on the bus during tours??? I’m not sure, this is my first tour with Contiki so not sure what to expect.

  • 5 Oct 2006 rachelb said


    Hey there
    I’m taking the Aussie Explorer tour too – I leave Nov 8 & am taking a big backpack – I think its the most practical (while maybe not as large as a suitcase). I’m not sure what the best advice is, but that’s what I’m doing. Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 16 Oct 2006 Daryl.F said


    I agree that a backpack will keep your hands free, but I know during my Contiki tour in Europe, my suitcase spent most of its time at the hotel or on the bus. I had a daypack that I used for light-things that I would need during the day.

    My additional concern is how much do I pack? The 25 days is a long time, and I’m afraid of losing a day doing laundry. With that in mind, a suitcase might be too big to carry my stuff. A backpack might not hold enough (plus souveniers?).

    @dimpz: I’m doing the Aussie Explorer leaving Darwin December 6th.

  • 18 Oct 2006 decemberchick said


    you could always pack up a bag in your suitcase that expands for carrying souveniers home.

  • 13 Nov 2006 Daryl.F said


    @lc82: Thanks! That was the response I was hoping for…

  • 6 Dec 2006 Karini said


    Just to throw the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons. I am doing a bit of a round the world thing. Going to Aus first, NZ and then USA for about 5 months in total inc tours etc. Like the idea of a backpack but the comfort of a suitcase … also not sure as I heard something about contiki not allowing metal frames … No idea what this means. Any help?


  • 6 Dec 2006 Undertaker said


    I don’t want to get this thread off topic, but I have a question about the suitcase size. I know Contiki specifies that suitcases can’t be over 29 × 20 × 10. My question is this, has anyone had any trouble with oversized luggage? My current suitcase is 29 × 19 × 12. This is a tad bit bigger than the size limit.

    I don’t want to get screwed with over size charges and such.

    Thanks for any feedback


  • 29 Dec 2006 Karini said


    So they won’t chuck you off the coach and tell you to get rid of your rucksack if it is too big?! lol

  • 16 Jan 2007 Karini said


    I just bought a backpack … sorted! Thanks for the advice, people.

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