New York New Year !?!?!?

1 Oct 2012 Jeff-CDN asked


hey im just wondering if any travellers are considering this trip ? would be nice to get to know a few. havent booked yet (will next month) but am 99.9% sure im doing this.
im 26 , from vancouver canada and in need of some major excitement , im planning on doing a europe all summer 2013 starting with a contiki tour but new york new year would be great to break the ice! im tired of all the same new years parties and same faces !!! times square new years sounds incredible!!!! whos going?

  • 3 Oct 2012 MelissaC1986 said



    Are you meaning for this year? Because this year is booked. or do you mean for Next year?

    We have a facebook page with a whole heap of us

  • 3 Oct 2012 Jeff-CDN said


    the travel agent i spoke to said it wasnt completely booked yet and its usually not a problem to find a place for just 1 person , you got me nervous now! i really want to go



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