Travel Agents?

23 Jan 2007 Matt-Matt asked

Hi. Sorry If this is thr wrong spot for this question, But i couldn't find a 'general section'<BR><BR>Im going over to europe in a few months to take a contiki tour. <BR><BR>Now My brother went over last year and organised everything through his travel agent. <BR>Which hes been telling me to 'go to a travel agent and let them do all the stuff'<BR><BR>Problem is, what else are they going to do for me?<BR>I've booked my tour. Picked and booked my flights, Im organising my travel insurence. <BR>I know where I plan to stay before and after my trip. <BR><BR>My question is, Is it really worth my time and money to goto a travel agent? considering I've done all there work for them?<BR><BR>Is there anything else that they will do/organise what I havnt?<BR><BR>Thanks.



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