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27 Jan 2009 STEVE_AUS said

Hi there.... Has any Deaf person been on contiki before??? Just wondering Is there any Contiki staff that can do Sign language??? which is the best european tour to go on ????
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  • 27 Jan 2009 CatherineOz said


    We had a guy on our tour who was deaf. The TM would go through everything with him after explaining the days events etc to everyone else (M could lip read), and gave him written copies of something. He seemed to manage quite well without assistance from others on the group. A few people on the tour got him to teach them to sign the alphabet so that they could sign with him. The only time he seemed to struggle was when he got quite sick on tour.

  • 28 Jan 2009 STEVE_AUS said


    Oh thank’s for the information.. what was it like having him on your tour was group lefting him out or what ? poor man he didn’t get to have a good time that well while he was sick !!!! i havent decided which tour to go on ?….. does the group alway’s stay together all the way thru the tour ???

  • 29 Jan 2009 said


    Gooday Steve!
    There was a Deaf person on my trip, his name is Mark! He was also from Aus, Really good guy! Most of the time our TM would go through everything with him before or after he talked with us about the day, kinda pictures/written word thing, he had a implant though, so I think he could still hear a little, also spoke, but very faintly.
    Overall he was just another one of the guys! He didnt par-take in many late night events, but he was always invited! No one treated him differently because he was deaf.
    As far as the group, for my trip at the start everyone just grouped together based on what they wanted to see, then on about day four or five you start getting friendly with people, and they become the core group you sight-see with and you end up sight-seeing with them for the rest of the trip, at least thats how it worked out with me.
    For the most part everyone is friendly and understanding, so you shouldn’t be worried about meeting people, everyone is a bit nervous at the start and even at the planning stage, its only natural to be that way when you are putting yourself in a totally new situation.

  • 30 Jan 2009 CatherineOz said


    It was fine having him on our tour, I have remained in contact with him and he might even be coming to stay with me when he visits melbourne next as I live right near an event he is going to. Everyone was nice to him and included him.
    M was unable to talk, so relied on signing and pointing/gestures etc, and he also carried a pad to write things down that required more explanation.
    He didn’t get left out, though did get left behind at the bus when we were in bologna (for a 1-2hr stop) when he was slow getting off the bus. Luckily the bus driver rang the TM and worked out how to show him the way to where we were.

  • 31 Jan 2009 STEVE_AUS said


    Ah that’s good .. yeah sound’s good to me i’m actually deaf but can hear a little also i speak pretty well also so i don’t think that should be a problem…. if u like to keep in contact with u can e-mail me on…… are ya planning on your next trip somewhere with contiki???
    Thanks Steve….

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