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China Adventure Q?

3 Oct 2012 ImRonBurgundy? asked


For anyone who has done the China Adventure tour- when would you recommend getting into Beijing? I'm trying to decide if I can arrive the late afternoon of day one or if I'd need a prenight? Also would you recommend any extra time in Hong Kong or were you able to have enough time there during the tour?

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  • 7 Feb 2013 JaydeB said


    I did this tour end of last year and had so much fun.
    I arrive the day before because of flights, the first night you get together, have a talk from Luke (tour manager) and then we headed out to Wafujing street market. Some people headed to bed early cause they were tired from the flight but some of us stayed up. The tour covers everything you will need to see in Beijing so getting in the same day is fine in terms of seeing everything.
    You should definantly get extra time at the end of the your, Hong Kong is a place with a lot to do. The tour only really does the bear highlights of the place. I stayed an extra 5 days but that ended up being a little too much – though it rained the whole time which didnt help.
    This is an awesome tour and the tour manager Luke is great!
    Hope this helped!

  • 11 Feb 2013 RWB said


    Heyo -
    I’m going to do a China Adventure trip and thinking about staying in Hong Kong an extra night or two because the trip ends on a Friday morning. What did you do there in Hong Kong after the trip ended during your 5 days? What would you recommend to do after the trip if I had a extra day or two in Hong Kong?

  • 11 Feb 2013 JaydeB said


    Luke recommends thing for everyone to do when the tour finished in HK. I went to Disney land which was fun but it is nothing like the other Disney. Ocean park was somewhere that other people went to but I didn’t there’s lots of rides and animals there including pandas, the people who did go there seemed to enjoy it. The big buddah on lantau was definantly worth going to see, catching the cable car up there and having a look. I had a lonley planet guide of HK which had a market walk which was pretty good, I spend a lot of time just walking around throught he shops and markets. The food in HK was probably the highlight for me, make sure you go to dim sum for brekkie and do NOT be scared of street food it is awesome! I definantly didnt need the extra 5 days there, I eneded up getting a little bored by the end of it.
    A couple of bits of advice for the tour – in Beijing dont bother buying alcohol from the hotel har, the convinience store next door has long necks for 3.5 yuan. Dont be scared to barter, they are trying to get the most money out of you possible, they add a ‘white mans tax’ to everything so walk away if there charging too much that seemed to work for me. I’m not sure if this is your first contiki but make sure you try to make friends straight away, I made the mistake of not making the effort to talk to people on another contiki I did and really regretted it.
    Hope that helped!

  • 26 Feb 2013 Chilindrina83 said


    Hi Jayde!! How you got from Beijing airport to the hotel? Also in HK, did you stay in the same hotel of Contiki? Was it expensive this tour? Im thinking on going in June, which heard is hot, but thats not a problem, since I grew up in the Caribbean haha, but I heard it might rain. Did you have rain during your tour? and if you did, did that affect the tour? Please let me know, thanks!!

  • 27 Feb 2013 Joan said


    i’m thinking of going to the june 10-21 china adventure tour. is this a good month to have the trip?

    are you going to the same one chilindrina83?

  • 28 Feb 2013 JaydeB said



    Contiki have an included transfer with this trip, I had no problems at all finding it just walked straight out to find someone holding a sign with our names on it. If you miss your transfer as long as you have the hotels name written in mandarin you should be find catching a taxi straight to the hotel.
    I didnt stay at the same hotel as contiki as I wanted to stay in a different area, I also ended up getting a much cheaper room which was just as nice. I would recommend staying there if you are travelling by yourself as other people will stay there too after the tour.
    I didnt have any rain that I really remember but we did have snow. I’m not sure what the temperature was exactly when we were there but started at around -3 in Beijing and finished at around 20 by the time we hit HK. I did go in November which is the end of Autumn for them, it was good though as there wasn’t as many tourists around being out of season.
    Hope this helps!

  • 1 Mar 2013 Chilindrina83 said


    Hi Joan!! Yes, thats the one that Im thinking on going, I want to celebrate my b-day there :). Just a bit worried that is not a definite departure yet!! So will see. Have you done any Contiki tour before?

    Hi Jayde!! Thanks for the info, didnt know about the transfer, thats great news. So even though with the snow in Beijing, were you able to have a nice view of the Great Wall?? Yeah, Im traveling solo, but want to stay at least 2 days in HK after the tour to go to Disney over there and do more sightseeing. So I think the easiest for me will be to stay in the same hotel. One last question, in this tour, did the people go to clubs, bars?
    Thanks!!! :)

  • 4 Mar 2013 JaydeB said



    Even with the snow on the great wall it was actually pretty warm, I took a big jacket up with me and ended up taking it off. We did as much walking up there as we could so we stayed very warm, was worth it though it was amazing.
    If you have been to a Disney land before don’t bother with the HK one, I went, we planned for 2 days but were stretching it for one. Ocean park is definantly worth a visit they have pandas there and some good rides.
    For the first couple of nights we were told to take it easy and get some early nights cause it was going to get busier as we went on. A couple of people, including myself went hard from the first night but we mostly stayed in unless the tour guide took us to a specific place. We went out one night in Beijing which was fun, Xi’an night life was great. We were treated like VIPs, we walked into a big club and were taken straight to the VIP area. The club we were taken to in Shanghai was OK, the bathroom was pretty amazing though. Yangshuo we found a club at the top of a derelict building which was a bit strange but good cause we were the only ones there and they had a beer pong table and fussball table. All nights out in mainland china were very cheap in comparison to back home, and we had a lot of fun. The nights out in HK were a lot like home, expensive drink prices.
    Hope this helped!

  • 4 Mar 2013 Chilindrina83 said


    Hi Jayde!!
    Thanks so much for the info, is really helpful. I will take your advice, and will see if I def will go on this tour or not!! But it sounds amazing!! and I have always wanted to go to China!! :) Thanks again!

  • 23 May 2013 SHAUNA said


    I am looking into taking this tour sometime next year. I was wondering what are the names of the hotels you stayed in also how would you rate them?
    I have done the Road to Rome tour which was fantastic but some of the hotels were borderline okay.

  • 4 Jun 2013 Mel said


    I am doing this tour in October with a friend. We have both done contikis before and i was just wonder if this tour books out like the europe and america ones do?? And are the buses smaller? Both the America and the Europe one that i did had a bus of about 50 people and they were both full! I know china would be a less popular choice for a lot of people but half the fun of these tours is meeting a group of new people so im hoping there will be a decent number!

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