Currency for Switzerland 17th-25 Sept tour

21 Aug 2008 Chillibg said

Do we have to get SF currency for the two optional excursions in Lucerne? As I would like to do both options.<BR>That means we have to get Euro's and SF (and pounds)currency, is this right OR does the TM take euro's and just convert it!?<BR><BR>What is the currency conversion for South Africa?
  • 23 Aug 2008 everymarble said


    I just got my tour packet yesterday, and in the info, it says the Lucerne optionals are payed for with SF. They’re the only excursions that aren’t listed as euro, so I imagine they’ll ask for francs. My travel agent made it sound like they’re really strict about paying for the optionals in the local currency only.

  • 25 Aug 2008 Chillibg said


    Thanks for the info, I’m playing it safe and getting some Franc’s.

    Are you also doing this tour?



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