Berlin to Budapest 3rd March 2013 anyone?

4 Oct 2012 Andrew asked


Hi Guys I am looking to go on the Berlin to Budapest in march 2013. Is anyone thinking about or definitely going??

  • 14 Nov 2012 Sara Jo said

    Sara Jo

    I’m already booked for it! The last time I checked, I think there were two other people definitely booked. Hope to see you there!

  • 3 Mar 2013 Casousa said


    Hi everybody. I am going too, in march 16. See you there in a few days =D

  • 3 Mar 2013 Sara Jo said

    Sara Jo

    I was actually booked for the tour that would have started this past Friday, 1 March. They ended up cancelling it, so now I’ll be on the one that starts 10 May. :( Have fun, wish it was time for mine to start!



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