European Panorama- mostly older people?

21 Jul 2008 CubanQueen asked

Hey everyone! So I am really interested in taking the European Panorama tour next summer however I've heard from a couple people that that tour is mainly composed of people in their older 20's because it is a superior tour and it's longer. Is this true? I'm curious cause I'm in my younger 20s and I wouldn't want to feel like the odd one out
  • 21 Nov 2012 JessicaMaree said


    Hey (: I’ve booked this trip for September 02 2013 and I’ll be 20. Are you still thinking about going? I don’t think the age difference really matters your still going to meet some amazing people!

  • 21 Nov 2012 Brenno_from_Penno said


    Age differences don’t make a difference. Hanging with the younger guys made me feel young again. The majority on my tour were between 19-24.
    You’ll get 3 different types on tour – 1) People who will wanna party 2) People who just wanna site see 3) People who want to do both.

    Just hope you guys get a decent group with no dickheads.

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