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6 Oct 2012 Georgie asked


I was just curious, because I'm traveling around after my contiki tour and have winter and summer clothing, I was considering maybe some of those space saver bags that you just roll up without a vacuum. Basically just to keep all my summer stuff packed up out of the way while I am trekking through snow.
Has anyone used these before? To they get heavier luggage allowance wise etc etc?
I'm not worried about over packing so much and trying to find space. It's something I'm trying to remain cautious of

  • 1 Dec 2012 bec8589 said


    Hi! I recently spent a month in Europe and used a space saver bag for a couple of warm coats. I had never used them before the trip, so not sure if this is normal, but i found after a week or two air got into them and they had to be re-rolled…. they were also cheap, so im not sure if better quality ones worked better. I didnt notice any difference with weight using them, they certainly helped save space!

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