London, Paris & Rome - October 17th.

14 Apr 2009 marikat said

Hi guys! Smiler

My hubby and I are doing this tour! So excited! Big Grin

Anyone joining us? Roll Eyes

A few questions though, as this will be our first Contiki as well as our first time overseas! Oh, were from South Africa. Wink

  • The tour starts in London, ends in Rome, so how do you plan on getting from Rome back to London to catch ur flight? Because flying directly from SA - London and back is the cheapest so far. So what would be the cheapest way to get back to London?

  • The tour details state the tour "ends after breakfast". Any idea what time this is?

  • Florence..... I so want to see the David statue, but I know its very far... And the tour does give you 2 days free in Rome, if I understand correctly, but i dont think this will be enough time to visit Florence... Any ideas?

    Okay, thats it for now! Looking forward to hearing from you! Cool
    • 26 Jun 2009 marikat said


      hi barry!

      have you been on a contiki tour before? I am so excited, i can hardly wait!

      SA is a great country, and I must admit, I haven’t done a lot of touring around here. But before my hubby reach the Contiki expiry date, we thought we’d first tour Europe!

    • 26 Jun 2009 StephKat716 said


      Hey! I’m planning to go on this same trip, except the next departure. But I thought I’d share this…

      Read this Travelouge about the trip if you get time.


      I found it really helpful and a good indicator of times.

    • 30 Jun 2009 marikat said


      hi Stephkat!

      thanks for the link – i read it and it was very helpful! enjoy your trip!

    • 14 Jul 2009 asian_sweetie said


      Hi Marikat!
      I’m also going on this trip…although I’m really nervous because I’m going on my own.

      I booked my flight with contiki and the price wasn’t too bad because there was a promotion going on so maybe they could help you find a flight from rome to london. The agents are actually really good.

    • 14 Jul 2009 marikat said


      Hi Sweetie!

      Dont worry – I am also very nervous, my first time overseas, ect. But I think more excited than nervous! Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

      Where are you from? So nice to meet someone that’s going too!

      Oh, btw, I found really cheap airline tickets thru Turkish Airlines, so I am all set.

      Go read thru the blog that Stephkat posted, its really helpful!

    • 20 Jul 2009 cheeky said


      hey im from sydney and im doin this trip also alone first contiki for me i booked today so excited

    • 19 Aug 2009 Explorer1142417 said


      Hi Everyone, im also on this trip, im from Sydney Australia and going solo, nervous but excited, not long to go now!

    • 19 Aug 2009 cheeky said


      Hey guys if u wanna chat add me on facebook or email me I would live to meet people before I go
      I’m so excited an nervous



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