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Best of USA 2013

9 Oct 2012 Demi asked


Hi guys, I'm planning on doing the best of USA, September 2013. Just wondering if anybody else is planning on going on this trip??

Also past travellers anything you would recommend at all??

Thanks ! :)

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  • 23 Oct 2012 Natalie123 said


    I am exactly the same as you. Wouldn’t be able to cope partying EVERY night! Lol. Want to make the most of everything. Sight seeing and stuff in the day and I agree with you-shopping! Wouldn’t be able to do all that with a constant hangover lol

  • 23 Oct 2012 Loz said


    yer that would be the worst. you actually want to remember what you do and enjoy the time! have you booked yours yet?

  • 23 Oct 2012 Natalie123 said


    Not yet have you??

  • 23 Oct 2012 Loz said


    no i havnt booked either just yet but i think i will this week. i am just going to book the tour in so i know i have a spot then i will think about flights and extra accommodation before and after the tour at a later stage. hopefully get some airfares on sale :)

  • 23 Oct 2012 Natalie123 said


    Yeah that’s a good idea. I like how there’s plenty of time to sort everything out

  • 24 Oct 2012 david22 said


    I also planning but end of the Jan.

  • 27 Oct 2012 Loz said


    leave application has been approved at work so now its time to book.. i look forward to meeting you all that will be on the tour 16 september! sooo excited :)

  • 27 Oct 2012 Natalie123 said


    I sorted out my annual leave from work yesterday! Looking forward to meeting everyone too! Anyone on Facebook??

  • 28 Oct 2012 Loz said


    That’s great! Now you can make it official. I am on facebook, my name is Lauren Archer from The Entrance, New South Wales, Australia if you wish to add. I have worked out what I am doing for the tour now. I am hoping to stay at the contiki hotel only 1 night before it starts, then stay in NY an extra 2 nights at the end. Then I am flying back to LA for another 5 nights to stay with people I know there :) Now i just have to wait for a special on flights. Can’t wait!!

  • 28 Oct 2012 Natalie123 said


    Wow that sounds fantastic. That’s great how you know some people in LA! I can’t find you on Facebook. What’s your Facebook profile address? so I can find you that way?x

  • 28 Oct 2012 Loz said


    :) its..

  • 30 Oct 2012 scilipoh said


    Hey! Im deffs doing this tour, just cant decide on what dates! Planning on going to Mexico beforehand and Hawaii stopover after. I would love to stay for a few days either side of NY and LA! I’ll be 21 and traveling solo! Brisbane based too :D So exciting!

  • 31 Oct 2012 Loz said


    hi scilipoh. myself and a couple of others that i have noticed on here will be doing this tour starting in LA on 16 september. you should do this one too! ill be staying in NY 2 extra night after the tour then im going back to LA for a few nights to stay with people i know. by the time the tour comes around ill be just 23 and travelling solo too from sydney . its very exciting :) !!

  • 5 Nov 2012 david22 said


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  • 27 Feb 2013 Sally and Bunt said

    Sally and Bunt

    Two friends and i are doing this tour in october 2013 going to be amazing

  • 19 Mar 2013 B_87 said


    Hey, I’m doing Best of USA, the one on the 2nd of September. My previous tour just got cancelled :-(
    Also doing Waikiki (4 days) on the way home.

  • 20 Mar 2013 B_87 said


    I’m booking to do this tour starting September 2nd this year.
    :-) :-)

  • 3 Apr 2013 Cleo05 said


    Hi all. Im also dping September 16th from L.A. Im from Melbourne, Australia. Im going with 2 friends. One os a partier and the other is not so there is a good split in what people want to do. We are arriving in L.Al three nights before the tour starts staying at the same hotel. Staying in NYC 3 nights afterwards. The Contiki hotel wouldnt let us stay there after the tour ends so we are staying in the city. We are planning staying for another three weeks and going to Orlando, New Orleans and Mexico. Cant wait to meet you all!!!

  • 10 Jun 2013 Chelsea said


    Hi All,

    I’m from Wangaratta, Vic, 2 hours north of Melbourne. I’m looking at doing this tour on September 2nd as the 16th is all booked now. I was planning on going on a trip with some friends, who look to be pulling out now, so thought I might do this instead. I am just 21 so eager to get out and explore the US.

    I haven’t booked anything yet, I would be travelling solo, which I have done before but never on a planned tour. Is anyone else planning on going on Sep 2nd. I hope to get all the info and book shortly.

  • 10 Jun 2013 B_87 said


    Hey Chelsea, I’m Brooke, I’m doing the best of USA trip starting September 2nd. We have a few ppl on the contiki meet up page who are doing our tour as well.

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