30 Aug 2007 j9 said

Hi there!<BR><BR>I'm really interested in doing the Grand Southern tour of america and some smaller tours as well (such as the LA Scene tour and Big Apple Explorer tour) I was just wondering about the laundry.. are there washers and dryers at the hotels and cabins you stay in??<BR><BR>Thanks for any help =)
  • 30 Aug 2007 Trisha said



    Have a look at the post Wild Western on 06/06/07 and Matty V’s from Contiki response. I know this is about the W.W. tour and that you haven’t mentioned doing this one but the links to the hotel sites might give you an insight on what the Contiki’s hotels provide. All of them look like they have (extra charge) laundry amenities.



  • 30 Aug 2007 j9 said


    thanks heaps!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 31 Aug 2007 December said


    Hey! They’re the three tours that I want to do. Yay!

    Meh. Laundry was scarce when I was doing the Europe Contiki thing, but you get that.


  • 23 Sep 2007 parraeels83 said


    hi im from australia i know america is diffrent from europe where i travelled last year but most of the places i went to didnt have ne where to wash so if we were staying at the place for 2 days we would get the soap in the hand basin and wash it and leave it to dry

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