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Doing the Thai West Tour in Jan.. what to pack?

11 Oct 2012 Emily! asked


Hi Everyone!!

I'm doing the Thai West Hopper Tour in Jan next year and was wondering if i could get any tips on what to pack and how much...

Thanks! :) x

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  • 13 Oct 2012 Laura.Amy said


    What date are you leaving??? I’m wondering the same thing :)

  • 16 Oct 2012 kevin1234 said


    I’m in the same boat.. Never been on a contiki before so I am not sure what to pack.. haha…

  • 16 Oct 2012 cherology said


    hey guys, I did this tour back in march.

    multiple bathing suits, lots of light weight, cotton clothing. if anything you can always just buy tanks/singlets while there, especially in phuket because there are markets/shops everywhere. most of the girls on my tour, including myself wore very light sundresses every day, and then dressier skirts/tops for the nights out.

    for the girls, I wouldn’t suggest any heels/wedges as someone on my tour got hurt getting out of a tuk tuk wearing wedges. stick with flats or flip flops!

  • 16 Oct 2012 Laura.Amy said


    OMG thank you so much :)

  • 16 Oct 2012 cherology said


    no problem! let me know if you have any other questions :D it was an amazing tour. best 9 days of my life, you’re going to love it.

  • 16 Oct 2012 Emily! said


    I am going on the 2nd of Jan :)

    Thanks so much for the feedback…!! Cannot wait!!! xx

  • 23 Oct 2012 Noe4rmAustin said


    Oh I just posted asking the same thing about packin, I’m going Jan 23rd :)]

  • 13 Nov 2012 Michael said


    hey Cherology, Im also going in January, i was wondering how much spending money to take? Ive heard Thailand is cheap but how much would you suggest?

  • 14 Nov 2012 cherology said


    It really depends on if you’re a big drinker or not. If you want to party almost every night, I’d say bare minimum is $500, especially if you plan on doing the optional excursions. I took around $1000 Canadian with me and only ended up spending about $800 of it, but I admit I drank a lottttt and bought a LOT of gifts/souvenirs/clothes to take home.

    To kind of give a better idea,

    $800 Canadian = roughly 24,525 Thai Baht.

    Meals were anywhere from 150 – 650B and alcoholic beverages ranged from 50-300B. Beers were usually 50-80B, whereas the buckets of alcohol were more expensive obviously.

  • 14 Nov 2012 LittleLeah said


    Anyone leaving January 26?

  • 17 Dec 2012 Sairsha said


    Hey I am in Phuket 19th Jan-10th Feb x

  • 23 Dec 2012 Chrissy14 said


    Hey LittleLeah, i’m booked in on the 26th too. Where u from? You travelling with friends or solo? It’ll be here before we know it =)

  • 13 Jan 2013 Kaila said


    What kind of luggage would everyone recommend? A large backpack? or suit case? Also a question for the girls…did you or will you be bringing a flat iron or anything? (I hate asking the question but its killing me lol)

  • 13 Jan 2013 Laura.Amy said


    I’m Doing a suitcase.. And I’m taking a straightener and curler.. You never know what you will need :P haha

  • 14 Jan 2013 Karyn said


    I did this tour in December and took a backpack. I’d definitely recommend taking a suitcase as my backpack got kind of annoying. I wouldn’t bring a flat iron as it’s too hot to worry too much about your hair :P but that’s a personal choice.

  • 15 Jan 2013 Kaila said


    You would recommend a suitcase? What about lugging it around? Im undecided! I would just think a backpack may be easier to carry?

  • 15 Jan 2013 Karyn said


    There’s not really that many places to lug it around to. The furthest would be just getting on to the ferries. Other than that, the hotel helps you carry your luggage. Most of the people on my tour used a suitcase, including our tour manager :)

  • 15 Jan 2013 Kaila said


    hmm ok thanks!!

  • 16 Jan 2013 cherology said


    I agree with Karyn. Most people brought suitcases. The only people who didn’t, were people who were backpacking through South East Asia either prior to the tour, or right afterwards.

    As for flat iron/curling iron.. the humidity/heat will kind of defeat the purpose of using one but someone on my tour did bring one and for the nights out, it did come in handy. Just needed to use a lot of anti-frizz product lol

  • 16 Jan 2013 Never42 said


    Hahah Lot of anti-frizz! Got it thanks! I ws also wondering about the humidity and frizz.

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