Scandinavia & Russia 8th June, Oktoberfest!

12 Oct 2012 Dawzy09 asked


So exited!! just booked Scandinavia & Russia Plus departing 8 June and OKTOBERFEST 5 Day Camping 20th Sept. Who’s joining me??? LETS GET PUMPED!! xx =P

  • 17 Oct 2012 Kiwi_Jess said


    Oktoberfest is INSANE make the most of it! Get up early even if the night before was big, so you can get in a be able to get inside on a table… Outside is awesome too, but if the weathers crap it’s down slightly dampen the spirits and dilute the beer! Get a costume! EVERYONE wears dirndls and lederhosen, even the Germans. Remember it gets F**KEN cold in Munich in sept/oct at night even with a beer blanket! But after Scandinavia and Russia you’ll be used to it lol.

    Have an amazing time! I’m even contemplating doing it again!!



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