Brazil & Argentina Exp. or Adventurer Rev. May 4th

12 Oct 2012 Mariska asked


Heeey! I'm Mariska, 24 years old, from Holland (Netherlands) and I'll be doing the Brazil & Argentina Experience tour leaving on May 4th in Rio :-) Although it's still such a long time ahead of us I am really thrilled on doing this tour! It will be my 2nd Contiki tour after doing one in Australia in February earlier this year. Are you guys doing this Brazil & Argentina tour or also heading on for Peru with the Adventurer (reversed) Tour ? Do you have any other travel plans? With who will you be travelling or will you travel by yourself? For me, I'm travelling by myself. I'm probably going to Sao Paulo before the tour starts and I'm seriously considering also going to Florianopolis, since a couple of my friends told me it's really worth visiting. I am planning to arrive earlier in Rio and stay a few nights longer in Buenos Aires, anyone else considering doing this? I would love to get in touch with my fellow contiki travellers :-) Cheers! x Mariska

  • 12 Oct 2012 Britt said


    Hi Mariska! I’m Britt 21 from Montreal (Canada) and I’m highlyyyyy considering doing Brazil & Argentina May 4th with extra time in Rio before and BA after.. I just did a contiki tour last summer (London to Rome) so I’m debating whether to do South America on a tour or myself.. but I think it would be more fun on a tour since you don’t have to worry about much. I’m going to be coming from Panama where I’ll be for 4 months, and I’m trying to convince a friend to do the trip with me but if he decides not to then I’ll be doing it alone. Regardless, I’m going to be travelling to Peru on my own after. It’s nice to see someone has the same plans in mind!!

  • 13 Oct 2012 Mariska said


    Hii Britt, so awesome that you are considering it. I’ve booked the tour 2 days ago :-) I was doubting about the same thing. However, I think it’s way more convenient, fun and probably also saver to join this tour.

    At first I thought that the tour price was a bit overrated. I checked the flights who are in the tour to compare with doing the same flight yourself, but booking the tickets yourself would also be 450 euro’s, so it doesn’t differ that much at all. Since I’m a past traveller and paying it early you got already 10% discount on the tour price, which save quite a bit :-) Thus, I just thought why not book it and have a great time :-)

    What will you be doing in Panama? Where are you planning to go in Peru?

    I hope to see you in Rio !!

  • 23 Oct 2012 Britt said


    i’m going to be doing a semester with school there and also i have an internship with a local ngo
    in peru i’m planning to go to lima, cuzco, macchu pichu and probably lake titicaca.. i’m thinking im going to go from buenos aires to santiago to la paz then up to peru. it looks like i’m going to book the trip… and i need to do it by november 3rd to get the big discount!

  • 23 Oct 2012 Mariska said


    you will have a blast :-) I’ve been studying one semester abroad as well. In Canada actually. More precise in Windsor, Ontario. But sounds like a really nice and big trip you are planning upon.
    When I contacted contiki to book this trip they had to confirm a seat for me in order to make reservations. It took 2 or 3 days for them to get back to me and were able confirm the seat. Just make sure of this when you are aiming for the early payment discount. That’s also why I booked it so early, I just payed my deposit and will pay the rest of the tour before the 4th. Note that you only have to pay the tour in advance and you can pay the flights somewhere in March or so :-)

  • 23 Oct 2012 Britt said


    thanks for the tip! you make your way to montreal while you’re in canada, let me know!

  • 3 Nov 2012 Britt said


    i booked it!!! are you staying with contiki before the tour or on your own?

  • 3 Nov 2012 Mariska said


    awesome !!! I just payed the amount :-) And I booked my flight a week ago. I’ll be arriving in Rio de Janeiro 6 days before the tour on April 29th (sunday).

    I don’t think I’ll be staying in the hotel offered by contiki for Rio de Janeiro, simply because it’s more expensive than for example Rio Othon (at copacobana and not so far from Ipanema anyway) which I found online. I do think I’ll add the option for Buenos Aires to the tour, but haven’t looked into that yet. What about you?

    I do have the following information about the hotels offered by Contiki:
    - 2 pre nights at the Rio de Janeiro Ipanema Inn cost 420 Euros in a single and 238 Euros in a same gender twin share .
    - 2 post nights at the Icaro Suites hotel in Buenos Aires cost 210 Euros in a single and 110 Euros in a same gender twin share.

    You have Facebook? You can find me with

  • 3 Nov 2012 Mariska said


    hey britt, i’ve just paid the early bird amount :-) I booked my flight last week and I’ll be arriving in Rio 6 days early, on April 29th (a sunday). I will probably not go with the Rio offer, simply because it’s not a great price. For example Rio Othon hotel on Copacobana is only 10 euro’s more a night on your own instead of sharing. And since I arrive early I’ll probably stick somewhere, especially since I’m opting for Copacobana or Ipanema area and the hotel offered by Contiki is in Ipanema. I think I will go with the hotel offered in Buenos Aires for 2 days. I’m flying out on May 15th. What about you? Add me to Facebook, you can find me by Mariska van Beem.

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