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Recent Bomb/Terror attacks

1 Jul 2007 Jess@Sydney said

Hi All<BR>I am booked on a Contiki tour leaving London in September. I am actually then staying on in London after my tour for a holiday-maker visa. With the recent events over the weekend, I am slightly worried. Is anyone else feeling the same? What are Contiki's thoughts on this?<BR>Cheers
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  • 1 Jul 2007 Jeremy said


    Apparently the preferred insurance covers situations like this… if you bought it.

    “The Preferred Benefit Plan is offered only in combination with our Travel Protection plan. The Preferred Benefit Plan provides twice the medical and emergency evacuation coverage of our Travel Protection Plan and also provides coverage for cancellations in the event that you must cancel your planned trip due to a terrorist act in your departure city or a city included on your itinerary within 30 days of your departure date.”

    Pretty disheartening that terrorist coverage is extra, and not included in the regular insurance.

  • 1 Jul 2007 MJ said


    That is how the terrorist want people to feel. So if you give in and don’t go as planned they win. Just have your guard up and most of all have FUN!!

  • 1 Jul 2007 tara-grace said


    If anything I think its going to be safer travelling! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 2 Jul 2007 heidimay said


    Hey guys,
    im from London and i really dont think you should worry too much about the terrorist attacks. If anything you will be safer as the security has been heightened so much. At the end of the day you cant let something like this stop you from doing what you want to do, bad things happen everywhere. Hope you enjoy trip, Londons an amazing city x x

  • 2 Jul 2007 Steph said



    Yeh when I first started hearing about the terror plots I got scared. Im not due to leave Aus for the UK until OCT 5th but IM still scared. But then you cant let terrorists ruin your life and travel experiences and make them win. Or maybe Im using this terror thing to hide the fact that I actually secretly scared that Im gonna be spending 6 weeks by myself in London after my contiki finishes! I think London will now be safer in wake of everything that has happened this week.

  • 2 Jul 2007 Joanne said


    i agree, u cant let something like this stop u from doing anything. yeah its scary but u cant spend ur life hiding away from stuff. i cant wait for my holiday, and to visit london!

  • 2 Jul 2007 *Jesika* said


    hey guys…i arrive in London on the 7th July which is the 2 year anniversary of the suicide bombings so that scares me a bit Frowner<!--graemlin::(--> but like a lot of u said hopefully security will be still pretty worried though but im not going to cancel anything… let me know your thoughts… ta xx

  • 2 Jul 2007 kristine17 said


    I arrive in London on July 7 as well! I’ve never been to Europe before… and I won’t cancel my plans because of the terrorist activities… but I’m nervous as well! Suggestions…thoughts, etc?

  • 2 Jul 2007 ptooma said


    Keep things in perspective – as an example, 1.2 million people are killed worldwide in road accidents each year according to WHO, and roughly 3200 in the UK.

    You have a higher chance at winning the lottery than being a victim of terrorism (outside of Iraq). At most, you’ll be inconvenienced by longer waits for security checks.

    - Vic

  • 2 Jul 2007 Nickerz said


    hey all! same as everyone, a little nervous about the recent attacks, i land in london on 6th July so im hoping all is sweet. The extra security will help calm nerves a bit im hoping!

    Nichole Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 2 Jul 2007 ashleightara said


    My mum is more worried then me, she claims she won’t sleep the whole time I’m away. I keep telling her I’m not going in the tourist season, so the chances are even less – but I’m there for NYE and that scares her.

    Its not going to affect my trip at all, I think I’ll be more concerned about getting sick in the cold or being pickpocketed. The chances of those things happening are much higher.

  • 2 Jul 2007 Jody said


    I think if anything it will be safer. Security will be increased, and everyone will be more vigilant.

    Sure it’s a little scary but they’d be stupid (even more so) to try anything now. I’d much prefer that it hadnt occured but its certainly not putting me off my trip one bit.

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