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First contiki trip

16 Oct 2012 kels_0892 asked


Hey guys, i'm doing my first contiki trip next year =D so excited but i'm a bit nervous as i'm travelling alone, & i'm overweight so i'm worried about how easy it's gonna be to make friends on the trip? So was wondering about other peoples experiences on their trips?

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  • 17 Oct 2012 ldodsy said


    Hi there, everyone’s first solo overseas trip is daunting and nerve wracking you are excited about finally going overseas then there is the whole ’I’m going alone’ factor, but don’t worry or stress about it there will be other people in the same boat.
    My first overseas trip was alone with Contiki to New Zealand way back when I was only a baby at 18 and I made some great friends on the trip, best advice is just start talking to people everyone is nervous so first day strike up a conversation with someone or everyone on the bus you are all there for the same reason to have a great time.
    Like i said my first trip was a solo one and I made friends with everyone on the bus rather quickly, since then I have done various overseas trips or lived in different countries everyone is nervous and though it is a daunting prospect to talk to someone you don’t know the sooner you do it the easier it becomes.
    Don’t worry about your weight either, everyone should take you as who you are and if they don’t then there is no point being friends with them is there?
    You will make some great friends on the trip, I still keep in contact with a few of the people I went on holidays with at 18, I am now about to finally go back and do the south island 11 years later and will end up celebrating my 30th birthday on the tour with a group of people I would have just met but I am excited about it all.
    You will have a blast on your tour, I am sure you are already counting down the days!
    Join your meet up as soon as you can and see who else is going on your tour, post here in the discussion boards which tour you are going on and see who else is going, if you start talking to people who are on your tour before you go even better!

  • 17 Oct 2012 kels_0892 said


    My first trip overseas was in March but i was with 20 family members, so this will be totally different. I’m looking forward to it but def nervous at the same time. I booked through a travel agent so wont get my paperwork until about 3 weeks before, & i’m not leaving til May.. So far away =‘( lol, I plan on going on ’meet up’ coz i’d like to talk to some ppl before we leave, & i’m staying at the departure point hotel the night before so hopefully can meet up with some of the group for a drink or two.
    I hope the trip turns out to be what i hope it will coz everyone i have spoken to has said that’s it’s fantastic & i’ll have the time of my life =P Been wanting to d a contiki for years so fingers crossed!! Thanks for your advice =)

  • 17 Oct 2012 ldodsy said


    Yeah it is about 21 days beforehand that they send out the documents, I am waiting on mine and my trip is in Jan just under three months to go now. joining the meet up when you have the chance is good same with just speaking to people here on the discussion boards as your trip gets closer keep an eye out on here as people post what trips they are going on with the date or what they are thinking about going on.
    Contiki is great it is group of like minded and aged people all wanting the same thing to have a great adventure.
    Just shout out if you have any other questions, the best piece of advice I can give you is when it comes time to pack pull everything out that you want to take then halve it!!

  • 17 Oct 2012 kels_0892 said


    Haha ok i’ll be sure to do that when i’m packing =P
    Thanks heaps

  • 20 Oct 2012 Emma B said

    Emma B

    Kels – I was the same as you a few years ago.. I was nervous and scared especially because I am a shy person with not the best self confidence. BUT that stuff really doesn’t matter, going on these types of tours help you get out of your comfort zones. It doesn’t’ matter what you look like either everyone comes from different countries/cultures you won’t be judged.
    Just go into your tour knowing you are going to have the time of your life, you are going to experience things you might never before, and you could potential make friends that will last a life time!
    I still speak with some of my tour mates from 2 years ago and I am going on another tour in a few weeks and already meet quite a few people thru the contiki meet up site.. I recommend that!!!

  • 20 Oct 2012 kels_0892 said


    Thanks Emma.. I’m hoping that ill be fine! I’m really excited & can’t wait til the trip. I generally get along well with everyone so fingers crossed it’ll all work out ok. Everything that I’ve heard from people I know that have done contiki is positive & they all say ill have the time of my life while I’m there =)
    & I def wanna get on the meet up site when I get my booking details so I can start chatting to other people on the tour

  • 10 Nov 2012 revhead_145 said


    I am a big guy and did NZ solo last year for my first OS trip. I would say more than 1/2 of the people on the trip are flying solo and more than half are also Aussies. to tell you the truth, I think the solo travelers had more fun as there was no one to answer to (couples and friends may have a tiff about wanting to do different hings etc). My tip is get in and mingle on the first night… alcohol is a great social lubricant. The trip is what you make of it. I have some great friends as a result of the trip and I have no regrets :) Oh, and be prepared to dance on the tables/bars

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