What did you pack for the bus travel?

20 Oct 2012 Emma B asked

Emma B

Just wondering what everyone packed to do on the bus while travelling from country to country?
What type of bag did you bring?

  • 30 Oct 2012 emilie said


    Hey :) So when I went on my Contiki trip about a month ago I had brought a backpack with me as something to keep on the bus. Just a regular backpack, like the ones you might use for school. It was easy to keep under my seat or up above the seat as we travelled. I brought a book with me to read(which it helped on the long bus drives and when half the people were asleep and nothing to do). I also brought a deck of cards to play with. Along with those I kept a light jacket and other little things incase the weather changed, cuz you never know right? On the tour I went on we had to do overnight packs a few times because they were keeping our things on the bus. So it was nice to have enough space to pack clothes and toiletries in instead of shoving it all into a purse or small bag. Anyways hope that helped~



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