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24 Oct 2012 Megs asked


Hi all,

I'm trying to secure a role with Contiki as Tour Manager - Europe, and thought I'd see what qualities and attributes contikiers thought were either good or bad in their tour managers? :)

Also, if there's anyone employees/past staff out there, any hints on how to nail the interview would be appreciated? ;)


  • 16 Dec 2012 Shecontiki said


    Hi I’m sure you have probably already done your interview but I’ve done a few contikis and the qualities I have found are:

    • don’t show favouritism – make an effort to learn everyone’s name and take the time to talk to them – not just the loud or pretty ones.
    • don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep – eg. our tour manager got us to write a lymric and he put it together for us on the last night he said he was going to put it up on our facebook page but 2 & 1/2 years later never did
    • taking time to really explain whats going on – just because everyone nods doesn’t mean they fully understand.
    • dressing up
    • mascots on the front of the bus
    • discuss safety eg. italy/spain
      overall I’ve had good tour managers but it’s always after the tour when i’ve had time to actually sit down and process my holiday that I can see it a bit more clearly
    • don’t hook up with clients in front of others – don’t say your single when your not



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