Is anyone doing European Impressions 23/5/2013

27 Oct 2012 JMG05 asked


Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has booked or is looking to book European Impressions on the 23 May 2013?

  • 29 Oct 2012 Simon Doleman said

    Simon Doleman

    hey, i booked 8th July, Summer starts 21st June. sorry if this doesn’t relate to your question lol

  • 30 Oct 2012 JMG05 said


    hahaha no that doesnt really help me lol but i have booked the 23rd may till the 9th june then i am travelling round the rest of europe and uk untill the 17th july.

  • 30 Oct 2012 Simon Doleman said

    Simon Doleman

    That sounds like a great trip, Hope you have a fun time!!! I am starting in England for a week early July. Then heading out from then.



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