Anyone travelling to europe in Mid February 2013?

31 Oct 2012 Sloane said


Hey all,

I'm looking at travelling solo to Europe around mid February for 2 weeks.
Im not to sure which contiki trip to go on for around that month.
At the moment I'm considering European Discovery, but im quite indecisive being my first contiki and all.
Was seeing if anyone else was in the same boat...

  • 1 Nov 2012 Tayla said


    Hey, I’m going on European inspiration leaving feb 9 a bit longer then 2 weeks tho. I guess its really up to where you want to go and how much you want to spend and see. I chose European inspiration because there is 2 nights in each place we visit and it was in my price range! I also liked it as I didn’t think it was to short or to long of a trip for me. They all sound so good tho, good luck deciding :)

  • 3 Nov 2012 Sloane said


    Thanks Tayla :)

  • 4 Nov 2012 Agavni said


    My friends did the European Discovery last year and loved it. I booked the tour for March 3rd. Have you booked yet?

  • 6 Nov 2012 Sloane said


    Nope haven’t booked yet. Still deciding :/

  • 3 Dec 2012 abilou18 said


    hey did you decide if you were going on that one? I’m thinking of booking it because its the most convenient to get back for uni



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