Eastern Discovery July 2013

10 Nov 2012 shananegans asked


Hi all, is anyone planning ahead and thinking of doing the Eastern Discovery tour (starting New Orleans) late July 2013?

I'm from Melb, Australia and will be in my 30's by the time this comes around..

  • 18 Nov 2012 Kimmy said


    Hi there! I have booked in to do the Grand Southern tour starting 11 July. This tour joins the Eastern Discovery that starts on 23rd July.

    Which date were you looking at?

  • 23 Nov 2012 Brooke Bitschkat said

    Brooke Bitschkat

    Hi there,
    I am doing the Eastern Discovery starting 20 July 2013.
    I am going solo, from Sydney, Aust!

  • 13 Jan 2013 Andre said


    I will hopefully be doing this (although possibly the one before). Would anyone happen to know if the stop over in Philly is long enough to:

    a)See the Liberty Bell
    b)Get a Cheesesteak
    c)Run up the steps and,
    d)See the Rocky statue?

  • 14 Jan 2013 Christine said


    I am thinking of doing this tour this year.. but most probably in May :)

  • 3 Feb 2013 Bella1983 said


    Hi, I am thinking of doing this tour also, and travelling solo and just turned 30. From melbourne as well…thinking of starting my USA trip in July..
    Have you booked yet ? I want to travel through the east coast , to Miami, maybe Mexico and Costa Rica and going up to the west coast ending my trip in Vegas . All up that will take me about 8 weeks ..
    What are your travel plans ?


  • 15 Feb 2013 tvbmadness said


    ive booked for the one starting 23rd july and i’m from sydney

  • 18 Feb 2013 Amy-Louise said


    Hey, I am looking at doing the same tour, same time and I will be going solo. I’m from Sunshine Coast, Queensland

  • 18 Feb 2013 Brooke Bitschkat said

    Brooke Bitschkat

    Hi Amy- Louise which date are you looking at doing?

  • 18 Feb 2013 Amy-Louise said


    I’m looking at the one starting the 20th July

  • 18 Feb 2013 Brooke Bitschkat said

    Brooke Bitschkat

    I’ve booked to do that tour :)

  • 18 Feb 2013 Amy-Louise said


    How exciting!

  • 18 Feb 2013 shananegans said


    Hi all, I’ve actually booked the grand southern from LA on the 25th July. Wanted to do more and have a longer trip!

  • 18 Feb 2013 shananegans said


    Isabella have u made plans for your trip yet?

  • 18 Feb 2013 Bella1983 said


    Hey there:-) I am looking at the Eastern Escapade tour as this goes to Canada as well. so now im torn on which tour to book :-(
    Was thinking first, doing the eastern escapade tour, then go to miami for a couple of days, then join up with the Mexican Fiesta tour, then the Western Highlights or California highlights, and all the dates join up , so this works out ok.
    what are your plans?

  • 19 Feb 2013 shananegans said


    wow so you could be doing three different tours?

    I arrive in LA on the 18th July so i have a week to do things (ie shopping!) in LA and during this time i was thinking of going up to San Fran and accross to Yosemite NP for a day/overnight trip. Haven’t looked into it throughly yet. My tour leaves LA on the 25th July and arrives in NY on the 19th Aug. I have to be back in LA to fly home by the 27th Aug so i have a bit of time to explore NY and poss go up to Canada for a few days, this i also need to look into..

  • 19 Feb 2013 Bella1983 said


    Yeh thats the plan at the moment, but because im travelling on my own, i am just hesitant .
    I want to stay in NY for a while before i start on with the tour, which starts on the 30th of Aug, and i have family in Washington DC and Buffalo, so hopefully visit them before the tour , and I would also like to spend extra time in Vegas and LA
    but who stays by themselves Vegas..Im worried, I want to stay and see some shows there etc.
    If i go ahead with these plans…I am looking at leaving at Mid Aug and arriving in NY first. Leaving in Aug as it fits in better with work..
    will you go on other tours on this trip?

  • 20 Feb 2013 shananegans said


    Hi – how long does all the tours take out of your overall time in the USA?

    My travel agent said that staying in hostels is fine over there and plenty of people would be willing to go out and do day trips, so i’m banking on that when i arrive in LA and when I finish in NY. Definately hoping that I will find someone to do a trip to Niagara with at the end rather than doing another tour, I figure I might be over tours after 26 days…

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