9 Jan 2008 Explorer1085389 asked

Me and my parnter are looking into going on the aussie explorer tour. How to they do the sleeping arangements? Do they let you decide between yourselves or do you have to stay with the same sex etc.<BR><BR>Cant you tell I'm a contiki virgin!!!!!!
  • 9 Jan 2008 said


    The sleeping arrangements are quad share, they do let you choose who to sleep with but it has to be same sex per room unless you book twin share which the two of you will be in the same room together. If you choose not to you may have the opportunity during the tour to get a twin share depending on the accomodation that evening, it’s not guarunteed, so most of the time you will not be able to have a room together.

    So if it is important for you to stay in the same accommodation, then I suggest the twin share.




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