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European panorama 2013 sep 2

13 Nov 2012 Rhiannon May asked

Rhiannon May

Is anyone else going on this tour? Or have gone on this tour. A friend and I are going and we were just wondering budgets, suitable suitcase sizes, what to pack ect. We are eager little travellers and are wanting to know all this so we are truly set! Even though its only November! :)

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  • 28 Nov 2012 Rhiannon May said

    Rhiannon May

    Yahhhh well ill be seeing you a couple of days after you arrive. :) well if that type of opportunity arises you can’t just not take it! So are you still keen to meet up in London?

  • 29 Nov 2012 JessicaMaree said


    That was exactly my thoughts! Yeah if you guys are keen I’d love to meet up in London so we know at least one person before the tour starts (: We should definately hit up the night life haha Well we are in London so we may aswell? lol

  • 29 Nov 2012 Rhiannon May said

    Rhiannon May

    Haha well we get in at 5:30pm so we should go out to dinner or something on the 28th. But jhanna and I decided that we are gonna try and stay up till about 830pm then sleep so we aren’t jet lagged. But the next night we will definitely have to go out and tear a hole in London haha! I don’t want to say that I’m wishing my life away but god I wish I was hoping on that flight tomorrow

  • 1 Dec 2012 Danni said


    Hey Guys,
    I thought you might be interested in this blog I found from someone who did the tour in 2009. Has a few links to hotels she stayed in, not sure if they’ll be the same as ours but it gives you an idea.
  • 1 Dec 2012 Rhiannon May said

    Rhiannon May

    Thanks so much danni! Are you doing any of London before and after the trip? It’d be great to meet some friendly faces before we start our trip. :)

  • 3 Dec 2012 RJ1817 said


    I just did this tour this past spring. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them!

  • 6 Dec 2012 JessicaMaree said


    Okay dinner sounds great Rhiannon (: I know Danni wants to meet up too so it could be like a lttle meet and greet haha. I reckon clubbing in London would be prime! I am so excited I actually can’t wait to see what Amsterdam’s night life is like haha. Is there anything that you guys what to do or see in particluar when you’re in London?

    Thanks for the link Danni! It was really helpful but I’m a little concerned about the whole Contiki Cough it’s most likely going to happen seeming as most of our travels are going to be spent on the bus :/ haha.

    RJ1817, was the tour anything like you expected? Did you find yourself tired most of the time because each day was so busy? What was your favoutrite experience of the tour? I’d be great to hear back from you!

  • 6 Dec 2012 RJ1817 said


    The tour was much better than I expected (and I already expected it to be amazing). We had a real good tour manager and bus driver, which helped a lot. Everything was really well organized. Make sure you do all the optionals. Being Canadian, it was my first experience dealing with Australians, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found out how similar we are (aside from the accent). Don’t worry about going solo. Our entire group for the most part became real close by the end of the tour and it was really, really hard to say goodbye to everyone when it was all over. I’ll be heading down to Australia in a few years to see everyone!

    I didn’t find myself tired really. I’m a high energy-type guy, who is really always in “go-go-go” mode so I was fine. I also didn’t get wasted every night, which probably helped my cause. Since the tour is so long, you have to pace yourself when it comes to drinking. I would suggest bringing some earplugs to help you sleep on the bus though. Regarding the Contiki cough….you’re going to get it. Everyone does unfortunately. My advice for you guys is to try and help your cause by taking your vitamines or whatever and use your stop in Corfu as sort of a “recovery.” I had it pretty bad by the time we made it to Corfu but was able to recover by the time we left.

    Favourite experience is a tough one to pick. The whole tour was great, mostly because of the people that were on my tour. If I had to pick certain events though, I’d have to say all of our group nights out together were amazing, the food (although the Contiki served breakfasts were lackluster), seeing the Colosseum, the water activities in Corfu, visiting Mauthausen concentration camp, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping in the Swiss Alps, the winter activites on Mt. Titlus, and Amsterdam

  • 10 Dec 2012 Rhiannon May said

    Rhiannon May

    What was the age group range like? And if you don’t mind me asking how much spending money did you take over? I keep hearing different things. I know I’m going to take over alot but I want to be sure of myself lol.

  • 10 Dec 2012 RJ1817 said


    Age range was 18 to 32, where most were mid to late 20s. This tour tends to be an older group since it’s more expensive and one of the longer ones. But age doesn’t really matter much, since everyone ends up hanging out together sooner or later. I personally got a long with pretty much everyone, except for 2 or 3 people who I found anoying, but it wasn’t to the point where I wanted to kill them…ok well, maybe just 1 of them…haha! I’m glad it was an older group though because when we ran into a few other budget Contiki tours, who were mostly late teens, early 20s….well, lets just say the maturity level was lacking.

    I read to bring 75-100 EU for each day you’re there for, so that’s what I did. I still ended up with a good chunk left over after my tour, but I didn’t go too crazy when it came to buying things. It really depends on how much stuff you plan on buying, but 100 EU/day should be more than enough. You’re going to need three types of currency: British Pounds, Euros and Swiss Francs. Bring your credit card as well.

  • 10 Dec 2012 Rhiannon May said

    Rhiannon May

    Were there any optionals that you wished you didn’t do?

  • 11 Dec 2012 RJ1817 said


    No, every optional I did was fantastic. I didn’t do two of them though. I passed on the Mozart concert because it just isnt my thing, and the bike tour in the Austrian Tyrol because I had a friend that did the tour before and she told me it was pretty boring (I did laundry instead).

    Every other optional is worth it though. Especially the ones involving a supper because it makes your choice of finding a place to eat a lot easier and it gives you an opportunity to mingle with your group. Pretty much your entire group does all the optionals though. The only ones I remember not having a lot of people were the Mozart concert/dinner, the bike tour in the Austrian Tyrol, the paragliding (it was actually cancelled because it was too windy), and the bungee jump.

    There’s also one “surprise” optional that’s not listed on the site (everyone does it though), but I’ll keep it that way :D

  • 30 Dec 2012 Steph said


    Hi Ladies!!
    Steph from Sydney! ill be coming along with my friend Ash on this contiki!
    SOOO FREAKING EXCITED!!! 246 days!

  • 30 Dec 2012 Rhiannon May said

    Rhiannon May

    Hey Steph! Nice to meet you! I’m Rhiannon ill be with my friend jhanna! YAYYYYYY!! So so long to wait though! Bleh

  • 30 Jan 2013 JessicaMaree said


    Hey Steph, nice to meet you Im Jess from QLD and I’ll be travelling by myself! I honestly cannot wait! Hopefully this year flies by and our holiday goes super slow haha. I’m super excited that all the girls are around the same age we are all going to have so much fun!!

  • 2 Apr 2013 Suse said


    Hi girls!

    I’m doing this tour as well by myself!I posted my own question a few days ago asking if anyone was doing it because I somehow didn’t find this discussion.
    I’m from Sydney and this will be my 3rd contiki, can’t wait! It is going to be amazing!! :)

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