anyone going on European Impressions 20/06/13?

16 Nov 2012 Zowie88 asked


i am arriving in London, on the 18th staying in the Royal National Hotel for 2 nights, is anyone else thinking of this? then after impressions finished i will be having spare time in Greece then going on the Greek Island Adventurer tour... havent boked that one yet but sounds pretty good :)

  • 1 Mar 2013 Minchia said


    Yep doing something similar but the following month – 2 nights in the royal then impressions from the 11th July. Then another 2 nights when I finish & back home. Have to do Greece the following year.. running your own business has its downfalls!

  • 4 Mar 2013 sarahm87 said


    Im doing the European Impressions tour on the 23rd?? me n my friend are getting there on the 19th n pretty sure we are staying at that hotel! :)



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