Money Bag?

21 Jul 2007 herinapotter asked

A man in a travel store was trying to sell me a money bag that would clip onto the inside of my pants. I said no, but my parents seem to want me to have it or use something like it, even though neither of them have ever used one when they traveled internationally.<BR><BR>How have you guys stashed your money during a trip to NZ?<BR><BR>Thanks for your time!
  • 21 Jul 2007 Loogie said


    I used a fanny pack. It made me stand out as a tourist and made me feel geicky bringing it everywhere, but I felt safer.

    New Zealand is very safe. I went there with Contiki. Yes, I brought a fanny pack but never had any problems.

    Let me know if youd like any other advice.


  • 24 Jul 2007 Kezmo said


    I got a money belt that you can wear on the outside or inside of your clothes. I got it to put in my money and passport so that i know where they are at all times and for peace of mind. It was only $15 Australian and well worth it i reckon.

  • 9 Sep 2007 TotallyGaia said


    Hey – I’ve lived in NZ for almost 19 years (I’m almost 19) and I have never had anything stolen from me in my life. NZ is safe. :-)

  • 22 Sep 2007 Princessvixen said


    I have travelled extensively through out europe and america and i have never used a money belt or fanny pack.I actually think they make you stand out more as opposing to just using a normal wallet or purse.As long as you use your common sense you will be fine!



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