Miami New Year 2012/13

25 Nov 2012 Robbie asked


Is anyone signed up for the Miami New Year tour this year?

  • 3 May 2013 Cat said


    I am looking into booking this :) Its my 30th in December so would be an awesome present to myself. Have you booked?

  • 10 Jul 2013 Ryan said


    Hey Cat! I am looking into this one as well! I should be booking soon!

  • 11 Aug 2013 Caris said


    Cat and auryan84 are you doing the Miami 2013/2014 NYE? Do they give more info about the tour when you sign up? They haven’t given much info about the hotel and NYE party.

  • 11 Aug 2013 Ryan said


    I just signed up! If you call them, they are always available to answer any questions that you have. I asked a bunch of questions and they were really helpful. BOOK THE TRIP! I can’t wait!

  • 26 Aug 2013 matty :-) said

    matty :-)

    in the middle of booking this now :-) anyone no what the weather will be like?

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