Did anyone buy tickets for a Broadway show during The Big Apple Explorer tour?

12 May 2008 Explorer1098294 asked

Hi there,<BR><BR>If you have already done The Big Apple Explorer in July, can you advise me about if I'd bether buy tickets for a Broadway show beforehand on the Internet? During the tour in the first day are the group going to buy the tickets? If so, are the lines too long? Would we take the risk to find out that the tickets were sold out? I'd like to watch a musical, as "Chorus Line", or "Wicked", for example. For me, the best thing would be to buy the tickets with the group, in order to have companion to go to the same show. I don't want to get the tickets on the wrong day and missed out on doing it with the group. As I'm going to arrive in New York the day before the tour starts, I'm planning to go to another Broadway show that night, solo. Can I buy the tickets at the theatre, during the afternoon the same day? <BR>Thanks!<BR>Ma



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