Camping suitcase???

13 Jan 2011 Jenny2011 asked

I'm going on the 46 day camping tour and I'm wondering what kind of suitcase to bring...
Does it need to be waterproof?
Does it need lots of sections?
What about locks?

Any ideas on what is a good suitcase to take on a mega long camping trip???
  • 13 Jan 2011 Ren said



    I purchased one just from Big W, it is a hard case one which I feel will keep off water and its only 4.5kgs.

    I was going to go with my soft case one which can expand however I think the hard case will be better to fend of water!

    It also has 4 wheels! It was only $110

  • 15 Jan 2011 lizzie said


    Hey guys, honestly When i did this tour june, 2010 we had 3 and a bit weeks of rain.. something waterproof is always a positive. Personally I had a backpack which was waterproof and that was awesome. If you do have a suitcase make sure its not too bulky and that it doesn’t weigh more than 20kg with everything packed cause they do weigh them!! You will have a ball, enjoy and saver every moment!!!

  • 18 Jan 2011 Louise said


    I’ve got one of those suitcases that also have the straps in the back. That way I can carry it on my back if there is stairs, but still wheel it Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Hopefully its good!

  • 19 Jan 2011 Jenny2011 said


    Kinda like this bag? I’ve been looking everywhere!!! And coz it’s a 46 day trip, I’m worried I won’t have enough space. This suitcase is good coz it’s got two separate sections. Making it easier to find stuff. Can’t find a local distributor tho… So if I get it I’ll be buying blind…
    Any thoughts? Ideas?

  • 20 Jan 2011 Louise said


    Its very similar to that bag actually. It’s good, has a few different pockets where I can seperate things. I’m hoping its big enough. A friend of mine took a bag like it and did the 46 day camping tour 2 years ago and she had plenty of room. My sister did the 32 day camping tour last year and took a hiking pack. She had enough room too, but she did choose to send some clothes home so she could buy more.

    Thats a shame you can’t find a local distributor! I just got mine from our local Strandbags store (well for Christmas but thats where its from :P) but I have seen them around heaps now I’ve got one.



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