European Contrasts July 31st 2013?

4 Dec 2012 Tony asked



Im looking at booking this in as my first contiki and was wondering whether there was anyone else booked in or looking at booking this tour

  • 5 Dec 2012 Jesse Turner said

    Jesse Turner

    Hey mate, yeah I’m booked onto this tour with a friend and there are a couple of others too!
    It’s going to be mint!

  • 18 Dec 2012 JenniferReyann said


    My boyfriend and I are booked for the European Contrasts plus Corfu Resort tour which starts August 1, 2013.

    I’m pretty sure we’re booked on the same one that you two are! We live in Canada; we don’t have to travel as far as you two do to get to London, so our “start dates” of leaving are different.

  • 21 Dec 2012 Keirra said


    I’m booked for July 25th – Can’t Wait!



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