Winter Wanderer 1 February 2013

5 Dec 2012 Candy Lee asked

Candy Lee

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to get excited about the tour as I have all my winter clothes now! When is everyone arriving? I'm there a week earlier and will be having a look at London and possibly Ireland before the tour. I also have a few weeks after the tour.

  • 7 Jan 2013 KFrankie said


    My cousin who I’m staying with in London has friends visiting at the same time so I’m now booked to stay at the Royal National as well from the 26th Jan. Will be wandering around London alone for the week if anyone wants to join :)

  • 7 Jan 2013 Alice said


    Same here! Booked the four day London on your own tour thing, so ill be seeing bath, and a west end musical!! Looking forward to meeting everyone! :)

  • 7 Jan 2013 Mon_Breadner said


    Hey everyone! I am on this tour.. Going solo! This will be my second contiki tour of europe so i am really excited. I leave from Sydney on the 28th Jan so will only be there 2/3 days before. See you all soon x

  • 7 Jan 2013 Candy Lee said

    Candy Lee

    Hi Kyrstal! I’m on my lonesome too! I’m keen to sightsee:-) Alice I had a look at the tours you recommended but couldn’t see anything for five days! I still want to see a bit of London before the tour though:-) getting pretty excited now!!

  • 8 Jan 2013 KFrankie said


    Excellent! Well hopefully we’ll be able to catch up and explore London before we go :) I leave in 9 days and am going crazy with excitement now!

  • 28 Jan 2013 Maxie said


    Forgot about this forum! There seems to be two for this tour.
    I created a facebook group to make communicating easier. Here is the link for anyone here that hasn’t been following the other forum :) :



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