European Inspiration departing 8th June 2013

6 Dec 2012 Jayde89 asked


Hi Guys,

Anyone else doing this trip? Im a 23yr old Aussie from Brisbane and I will be doing it solo. Going to be in Lonon a week before the tour starts and a week to kill afterwards too. Drop me a line if you're doing the same :)

I'm staying in hotels. Keen to see as much as possible while im there. Its my first contiki!

Be great to hear from some people beforehand :)



  • 21 Jan 2013 Bree said


    Hi Jayde,

    I’m doing this trip solo too! I’m 19 from Melbourne. I’m only getting to London the day before the trip starts however staying at the Imperial Hotel in London for 4 nights after the Contiki. Where abouts are you staying?

    Bree :)

  • 21 Jan 2013 Jayde89 said


    Hi Bree,

    Yay! Im not the only person going solo. My travel agent is doing a quote for my accommodation at the moment. I think im going to stay at the royal national in london before the trip starts and go to Ireland for a few days. I was going to kinda wing it after the tour ends? Not sure if that’s wise or not. Whats the deal with our rooms do you know? Do we share with the same person the while trip or? I cant wait! Just need to knuckle down with my savings between now and then haha

  • 21 Jan 2013 Bree said


    I’m staying at the Royal National the night before contiki, it’s really cheap – like $79 per night. Unfortunately I have to come back home to work so could only manage 4 extra days after the contiki, better than nothing I guess! I’m pretty sure once we get put with someone we share the rooms with the same person for the whole trip. I’m so excited but broke now that I’ve made my last payment today! Time to save, save, save :)

  • 21 Jan 2013 Jayde89 said


    Wow that is pretty cheap! Yeah thats it hey. It was hard for me to get off as much time as i did. I’m just glad to be going at all! Nice work on having yours paid off already! Wish i was more organised. Alot of quiet weekends ahead for me haha. I heard that they organise a bit of a get together before the tour starts where everyone can meet and greet each other at the Royal National? Hoping the next few months fly by! :)

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