European Contrasts - Corfu Sailing Option

10 Dec 2012 Keirra asked



Looking to book European Contrasts for July 2013 and there is now a 3 night sailing option in Corfu.

Think this is quite new, but just wondering if anyone has done the sailing option rather than the 3 nights in the Corfu Resort

And what people which one would you want to do/why?

Thanks! :)

  • 18 Dec 2012 JenniferReyann said


    I’m going on the European Contrasts Corfu Resort option August 1, 2013. My boyfriend and I decided to opt out of doing the sailing option because we simply wanted to lie on the beaches of Corfu and relax in the middle of the trip.

    I think the sailing option would be incredible, but with this tour being so busy we decided that a break full of pure relaxation in the middle of the whole tour would help us recharge more than the busy sailing option would.

    Either way I think the tour will be amazing!



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