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Beaches and Reefs- Op. Excursions opinions?

19 Dec 2006 Davey-Boy asked

Hey there! was wondering if anyone whos gone on the Beaches and Reefs tour could give me the low down and your personal opinion of which optional excursion is worth while going on. Pretty please with a cherry on top id greatly appreciate it =)
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  • 30 Dec 2006 helzbelz82 said


    Hey, just done B&R tour was amazing!
    Trips worth doing from my point of view or friends are
    -Draculas Caberet
    -Tiger Moth planes
    -Fraser Island 1/2 day tour or hire ur own jeep
    -Sky diving
    -2 night sail around the Whitsundays Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Enjoy !

  • 2 Jan 2007 helzbelz82 said


    I spent £800 Im not sure how much AUD that is but you can convert it. That included a 2 night sailing trip round the Whitsundays which was the favourite part of my trip. I think if you want to eat, drink and do a few trips that is the minimum you could live on. I know alot of the other people spent a hell of alot more though- if I could afforded it I would have taken more!

  • 2 Jan 2007 gercoo said


    I’ve just done the Coast and Whitsunday’s tour, which travels with the Beaches and Reefs tour until Long Island Whitsundays. A must is Draculars Cabaret on the Gold Coast. If you are not a cabaret fan don’t let it put you off. It is a great night of entertainment and the food is worth it. The tour manager will really push this night and you will find most people will go.
    I didn’t do the 2 night sail on the Whitsunday’s. I did the 1 day Camira trip which was a good day out. For $125 AUD you get a great lunch and it’s an open bar of Beer and Wine from 11am till the time you get off. I would really recommend this trip as then you get as full day at Long Island to enjoy what the resort has to offer (including the pool side bar). Most of the people on our tour that did the 2 night sail were not impressed by it, especially sleeping facilities. Although the drinking on the trip was this highlight most felt it was too long and when the boat is full they felt really cramped.

    When On Fraser Island, the first night there is usually a big drinking night. A 4WD trip is reccomended, so if you want a sleep in take the 1/2 day tour. Lake McKenzie is amazing on this Island, which you will see on both 4WD tours. It’s a large fresh water lake which they claim is really good for your skin. After getting out of the water you feel as if you’ve had a nice refreshing shower!

    Anyway I hope this helps.
    Have fun on the tour. We had a blast!

  • 7 Jan 2007 maddiebala said


    I am wondering the same thing about paying for optional excursions…. can you pay by credit card or do I need to convert a lo of money to AUD? Also, are most major credit cards accepted in Australia (such as visa, mastercard…etc.)?

  • 9 Jan 2007 laur-ah said


    No idea about the method of payment for excursions and the like, but we do have visa, mastercard and amex in australia, and all are widely accepted!!!

  • 10 Jan 2007 Davey-Boy said


    wooo! these were the type of responces i was hopin for! thanks to everyone you guys rock and damn u Shell! after readin ur lil thing i wanna go more pouts only few more months i guess hehe

  • 11 Jan 2007 stacie-lou said



    Im doing this tour starting on 18th feb from sydney! Anyone else on this trip? This is my first tour and I am so excited! Sounds like you had a ball Shell!

    Stacie x

  • 11 Jan 2007 Davey-Boy said


    haha right on im plannin on goin aug 12th personally

  • 11 Jan 2007 Davey-Boy said


    Lol woo cheap booze and pool always works out! So quick question! im plannin on going in Aug and was wondering if anyone knows on avg how many ppl go durin this month? like i wanna go when theres actually a good size group but curious to know if aug is actually popular at all

  • 12 Jan 2007 Kerismurfit said


    Hi Stacie,

    my boyfriend and I will be on your tour. It’s our first tour too and we can not wait. we leave for Oz tomorrow!!!! looking forward to meeting you.

    Keri x

  • 14 Jan 2007 Jackie22 said


    Hi Stacie-lou

    I am also on Beaches and Reefs leaving from Sydney Feb 18th! And it is my first tour too. Where are you from? If you want, Send me an email and we can compare notes.

  • 18 Jan 2007 GoCubs said


    Hey Stacie-

    I’m on the Feb 18th tours out of Sydney too. It’s my second Contiki tour. My first was Greek Island hopping a couple years ago. I’m traveling from Chicago solo and will arrive in Sydney a few days before the tour starts. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


  • 29 Jan 2007 GoCubs said


    For those that have taken the 2day sailing I have a couple quick questions…

    1- Does the boat dock at night someplace, or does it just drop anchor someplace? If it docks can you get off at all at night?

    2- Is there any “drinking” allowed on board? If so, do you have to plan in advance and bring it along?

    Much thanks

  • 2 Feb 2007 mick14731 said


    hey all, i belive ill be going on the later of the two aug B&R trips so if anyone else is gona be there send me an e-mail at or just add me to msn.
    thanks mitch

  • 3 Feb 2007 retronym said


    To answer someone above. I did the hotair ballooning. It was well worth it for the experience. The breakfast afterwards is ok. The free champagne mixed with guava is the best!

    Because of the balooning I did the reef via the whitsundays. It was also great. They offer the reef from the whitsundays because quite a few optionals clash with the reef in cairns.

    You have to do the reef once! otherwise it would be sad.

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