European Vista 22nd June 2013

10 Dec 2012 Megz12 asked


Hey all :) right now I'm deciding between the European Vista departing the 22nd of June or the London to Paris with the Rome extension departing the 29th of June what would you recommend if you have been on either of these tours? Oh and is anyone else going on either of these tours.

Thanks :)

  • 10 Dec 2012 GG171 said


    I’ve chosen the London, Paris + Rome tour because I think with 3 days in each city you get to see a bit more rather than rushing through each place in a whirlwind fashion like many of the tours do (based on the advice of friends that have done contiki). Ultimately I want to see ALL of Europe but I want to get the chance to explore some of the major cities in a bit more depth so I think it’s worth the sacrifice of seeing like 9 countries in one go because I know I’ll be going back when I get the chance anyway!

    I hope that helps and we can do the same tour next year! :)

  • 11 Dec 2012 Megz12 said


    That’s exactly what Im thinking since its my first time and more than anything i just want to see Paris and Italy and London I really hope we are on the same tour too.

  • 11 Dec 2012 GG171 said


    Do you plan to book soon? I’m waiting for confirmation from a few people to make sure I’m able to be there for the tour leaving 29th June, and as soon as I do I want to book because if you pay in full before the 27th Dec you get the discount :D

  • 2 Dec 2013 Keira said


    Im doing the European Vista departing 2nd of June 2014.. (:



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