Has anyone been to Poland?

13 Dec 2012 Brismig asked


Hi everyone,

Before our contiki tour we are stopping over in Poland for a few days. I was just wondering if anyone has been there before and how much money you would recommend taking?

I was thinking around $300 AUD, would that be enough?


  • 13 Dec 2012 Adam said


    Depends how long you want to go for – Krakow is a very nice and cool city, and pretty cheap, I’d definitely go there again

  • 13 Dec 2012 Brismig said


    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your reply. We will be in Krakow for 3 days. Do you think $300 aud would be enough?

  • 13 Dec 2012 robertom87 said


    Hi Brismig,

    I was in Krakow and Warsaw on the Eastern Road Contiki in 2010. As Adam mentioned it is really cheap in Poland as they are still on the Zloti (sp?). Does the $300 include accomodations?

    I would think $300 is plenty. The food and drinks are incredibly cheap. You have to try the various kinds of Perogies they have, incredible!

  • 13 Dec 2012 Brismig said



    Yes we have accommodation all paid for, so its just spending money for sightseeing, food etc.
    I just looked up perogies and they look amazing!

    Thanks for help!

  • 15 Dec 2012 monika said



    My family is actually polish so we go back every few years. It is quite cheap for food, shopping etc, so 300 should be plenty. And the food is definitely amazing. Pierogi are really good. If you have a chance try the fruit ones as well :-)

  • 17 Dec 2012 Brismig said


    Thank you everyone for your advice, It has been very helpful!



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