Canada & the rockies plus stampede

17 Dec 2012 john lavis asked

 john lavis

Looking in doing the canada and the rockies plus stampede next year and would like some feedback from people who have been on this tour that might have some more info about it. Such as hotels and optional activities and what they are like.

  • 2 Mar 2013 juana1010 said


    I did this tour a couple of years ago at the end of May. I really enjoyed it. It is a very outdoorsy tour. Also, it was not very warm at the end of May. In Banff it was about 30F and snowing, so warm clothes are a must.

    In British Columbia, we went to Whistler where you get free time. I spent it renting a mountain bike and biking. There also was an optional canoeing/kayaking trip. I got my own kayak and it was just beautiful. I recommend it.

    There is an optional white water rafting trip in Alberta. The rafting was kind of tame, but the scenery was gorgeous. It left us all speechless.

    The hotels were decent. Nothing fancy but nothing horrible either.

    Again, this is really an outdoorsy kind of tour. If you are into that then I think you will love the tour.

  • 14 Jun 2013 john lavis said

     john lavis

    I noticed with this tour that there is less included meals on this tour. Does anyone know what the average meal costs so I can budget for more meals

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